Automated tools to help you evaluate risk quickly and easily

IBM® OpenPages® Operational Risk Management helps to automate the process of identifying, measuring, and monitoring operational risk. It combines many forms of risk data, which includes risk and control self-assessments, loss events, scenario analysis, external losses, and key risk indicators, into a single integrated module. This integrated approach helps improve visibility into risk exposure, reduce loss and improve business performance. The solution helps you embed operational risk management practices into the corporate culture, making procedures more effective and efficient.

Risk indicator tracking

Lets you create and monitor performance indicators for key risks and controls.

Single data repository

Provides a central source for risk documentation including entities, processes, risks, controls, tests and results.

Analysis and decision support

Delivers dashboards, charts and dimensional reporting to provide insight into the state of risk across your organization.

Loss event tracking

Enables risk managers to track loss incidents and near misses, record amounts and determine root causes and ownership.

Scenario analysis

Supplements risk assessment processes by identifying key scenarios and determining their impact.

Key features

  • Risk metrics
  • Document management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Loss event monitoring
  • Scenario modeling

Security and privacy in the cloud

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