Resource monitoring for CICS Transaction Server on z/OS

IBM® OMEGAMON® for CICS® on z/OS® provides system monitoring and performance management for IBM Z® systems, including IBM zEnterprise®. It centrally monitors and manages IBM CICS transactions and interactions with other applications. It offers a 3270 user interface (3270UI) that spans the IBM OMEGAMON family and integrates views of the environment into a single screen. IBM OMEGAMON for CICS on z/OS can be purchased as part of IBM OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS—a single tool set for the management of z/OS environments.

Find problems fast

Take fewer steps to find the cause of a CICS performance problem—and increase availability.

Improve visibility

Group CICS regions into CICSPlex® reporting groups for simplified reporting. Use CICSPlex System Manager (CPSM) definitions or define CICSPlexes with simple rules.

Save time

Use capabilities such as self-describing agents and PARMGEN, a parameter-based installation option. PARMGEN simplifies the installation, configuration and management of the OMEGAMON family.

Conserve MIPS

Execute Service Level Analysis component of OMEGAMON for CICS on z/OS on IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) to save mainframe million instructions per second (MIPS).