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Why you should use Watson Natural Language Understanding

Learn how you can easily and quickly extract and analyze metadata from unstructured text.

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Watson Natural Language Understanding service overview

Explore how you can extract metadata from content such as concepts, entities, keywords, categories, sentiment and more.

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Building with Watson: Introduction to Watson Natural Language Understanding

See a demonstration on how NLU works by analyzing text to extract metadata from content.

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Building with Watson: How to connect the dots in your domain specific content

Get tips on how you can teach Watson about your domain to get to more helpful and relevant information.

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Building with Watson: Visualize unstructured content with Watson NLU

Learn to build an app that can process data from multiple file formats, and use Watson NLU to visually summarize the content.

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Is artificial intelligence (AI) scary? We asked Watson!

Read how to use Watson to uncover information about what people think and feel about a topic.

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Watson Natural Language Understanding just got lite

Learn about the Lite Plan now available for Watson NLU, and its part in the IBM Cloud platform.

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Top 3 reasons to move from AlchemyLanguage to Watson NLU

Learn how the simplified API, new pricing and advanced capabilities make now the time to move to NLU.

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Watson APIs Watson Natural Language Understanding for advanced text analytics

Explore how your program can understand the complexities of human language to uncover meaningful insights.

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