Five reasons why you should use Merge DICOM Toolkit

Minimize integration efforts

Access sample source code and utilities to minimize the integration effort

Choose from large DICOM data processing mechanisms

Choose from flexible large DICOM data processing mechanisms including in-memory, file or direct streaming

Offer specialized APIs

Offer specialized API to support easy creation and parsing of DICOM Structured Report and DICOMDIR

Extend DICOM capabilities

Extend full DICOM capability to Android and iOS based on mobile or portable devices for medical data acquisition, transfer, and viewing

Get support

Count on end-to-end support from a team of experts

Technical details

Software requirements

The Merge DICOM Toolkit is available for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux on Intel platforms (kernel version 2.4.20 or higher), Linaro Linux on ARM platforms, Sun Solaris 8 Sparc, Sun Solaris 10 Intel, Mac OS X, Android and iOS operating systems. Programming in C/C++, .NET framework and Java platform are supported in this release.

    Hardware requirements

    There are no hardware requirements for Merge DICOM Toolkit.

      Technical specifications

      Merge DICOM Toolkit introduces support for the latest DICOM supplements and change proposals as well as improvements to validation functions, enhanced documentation and upgraded structured report high-level API. The DICOM C/C++, .NET and Java Toolkits provide support for image compression/decompression and enhanced DICOMDIR functionality for incremental updates.

      The DICOM .NET and Java toolkits now support DICOM to/from XML and DICOM to/from JSON conversions. Each one of the toolkits provides a more detailed, cumulative description of the specific changes and improvements in the readme file included with the distribution.

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