What Cisco MDS 9718 Can Do For Your Business

Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director for IBM Storage Networking has the industry’s highest port density for a SAN director, featuring 768 line-rate 16-Gbps Fibre Channel ports. Designed to support multiprotocol workloads, MDS 9718 enables SAN consolidation and collapsed-core solutions for large enterprises, thereby reducing the number of managed switches and leading to easy-to-manage deployments. By reducing the number of front-panel ports used on Inter-Switch Links (ISLs), it also offers room for future growth. MDS 9718 addresses the mounting storage requirements of today’s large virtualized data centers.
Cisco MDS 9718 Multilayer Director for IBM Storage Networking

Supports large storage area networks

Enable large, scalable deployment of storage area network (SAN) extension solutions with the Cisco MDS 9000 24/10-port SAN Extension Module.

Delivers different networking options

Deliver high availability with fully redundant components, and enable exceptional networking capabilities..

Deploys SAN capabilities

Deploy virtual SANs (VSANs) for consolidating physical SAN islands while maintaining logical boundaries.

Allows sharing resources across VSANs

Provide inter-VSAN routing (IVR) for sharing resources across VSANs.

Key features

  • Lowers TCO with SAN consolidation
  • Supports enterprise networks
  • Transforms business enterprises with cloud deployment
  • Easy IT Management
  • Delivers comprehensive solution for robust security
  • Offers advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting tools
  • Convergences with multihop FCoE