Enable faster data science

IBM® Integrated Analytics System available in standard rack or mini version, drives the insights needed to maintain your competitiveness. It matches accelerated development and deployment times for your data scientists with a high performance, optimized and cloud-ready data platform.

High-performance analytics

Easy to manage, with minimal administration. Provides a high-performance, massively parallel system that enables you to perform analytics on large data volumes.

Connects data scientists to the data

Includes IBM Data Science Experience, which enables you to collaboratively analyze data. Or you can use existing Jupyter Notebooks and bring data scientists to your organization’s data.

Drives Machine learning

Enables you to train, persist and score machine learning models on the system where the data resides to increase performance.

Data interoperability

Uses data virtualization to support shared components, skills and capabilities, and connect to any type of data in any location.


Provides a common SQL engine. Seamlessly migrates workloads to the cloud based on your requirements, without the need for application rewrites.

Available in standard or mini version

Available as an easy to scale rack system or rack mountable mini appliance. The IBM IAS mini appliance brings speed and simplicity to small or medium sized organizations at an affordable entry price.

Key features

  • Built-in tools for data scientists
  • Embedded Spark processing with machine learning
  • Common SQL engine
  • Cloud-ready with scalable deployment
  • High-speed architecture
  • Easy to manage and maintain

Which option is right for you?

  • Integrated Analytics System

    Cloud-ready standard appliance versions, provides enterprise-grade compute, storage and networking with analytic software.

  • Integrated Analytics System mini

    Cloud-ready mini appliance, right sized for the small- and medium- sized market. Provides the compute, storage, networking and analytic software required.

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