Feature spotlights

Manages data at the business-object level

By managing data at the business-object level, InfoSphere Optim preserves both the relational integrity of the data and its original business context. Business objects can be pulled from a single database or several related applications and databases. This “federated” extract capability makes it easy to create production-like environments that accurately reflect end-to-end test cases.

Data analysis capabilities

Provides a full range of data analysis capabilities to capture hidden correlations and bring them into view. Techniques include single-source and cross-source data overlap analysis, advanced matching, key discovery and transformation logic discovery.

Enforce test data management policies

Data governance is an organizational priority. With over 30 pre-defined data classifications and 40 pre-defined data privacy rules Optim provides a standard way to govern the test data management process and validate that policies and standards are honored throughout the lifecycle. Integration with the Governance Catalog allows users to drag and drop the classification and rule into column maps to automatically assign an executable data masking routine.

Automate data comparisons and analyze results

An intuitive, online interface and full-function browse utility helps to eliminate time consuming, error prone table by table comparisons. InfoSphere Optim identifies the expected database changes and uncovers differences that might go undetected.

Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for InfoSphere Optim Test Data management can be found at this link

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware considerations can be found at this link

      Technical specifications

      The IBM® InfoSphere® Optim™ Test Data Management Enterprise Edition, Optim Test Data Management Work Group Edition, and Optim Test Data Management Solution consist of a number of components. The system requirements for the components are compiled in this document.

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