Key features


Generate data from scratch, extend existing databases or files, move existing data and transform data from existing resources. Supports both GUI-based and batch mode invocation.

Automatic rules generation

Quickly creates data fabrication rules using metadata and data analytics.

Constraint satisfaction programming (CSP) solver

Finds a random solution that satisfies all data rules and requirements. The solver can handle very complex data fabrication problems quickly and efficiently.

Coverage-based fabrication

Supports Cartesian product and combinatorial test design (CTD) data coverage models. Leads to "corner cases" in the testing process.

Rules-based data fabrication

Uses extendable, declarative modeling language to model application behavior and testing logic as well as metadata and structural rules. The modeling language supports hundreds of data types and operators.

Secure data generation

Creates synthetic and realistic, non-confidential quality test data. Eliminates the risk of confidential information leakage. Helps you address GDPR and regulatory issues.

Technical details

Software requirements

The following software must be installed on your workstation: Apache Tomcat Application Server version 7.0.59 (included in product download) and Oracle Java 7+ or IBM Java 7+. One of the following operating systems is also required: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6 x86, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7 x86, Ubuntu 14 x86 or Windows Enterprise Edition 7.

    Hardware requirements

    The following hardware is required: 64 Bit Linux/x86 Server (Red Hat 6+, Ubuntu 14+), 8GB RAM, 4 CPUs, 300MB DASD for Core Component Software and 100GB DASD.

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