Protect and serve with information that lessens risk

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Incident Aware helps police officers understand the risks involved while on call. Available on iPhone and Apple Watch, Incident Aware provides access to information usually only available at command centers. Local camera feeds, individual police records, histories of incidents in the region, landscape layouts and more are available. Decision-making tools help officers solve problems and de-escalate dangerous situations and protect themselves and the public.

Bring command centers to the field

On foot or on road, officers can access electronic records to assess suspects, 911 reports and crime histories as well as view augmented maps and camera feeds for a complete view of each situation.

Amplify situational awareness

GPS-assisted location data means officers know what resources are available to them as well as their potential risk.

Get and send info from active locations

Apple Watch extends functionality so police officers can scan active incidents, access live camera feeds and request officer backup support with just a tap.

Increase officer mobility and security

Incident Aware on iPhone or iPad replaces larger laptops, making information portable and feedback easy to report and manage. Call4Backup provides one-touch functionality for faster response.

Customize for your organization

Customize for your organization and resources to accommodate regional regulations and requirements.

6 ways Incident Aware assists law enforcement

  • Bring command centers to the field
  • Amplify situational awareness
  • Get help faster from active locations
  • Increase officer mobility and security
  • Customize for your organization
  • The app is backed by a great service plan