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How Security Identity Governance and Intelligence works

Enable certification campaigns

IGI enables the business to run campaigns to reconfirm users access needs with a customizable, self-service user dashboard. This simple experience quickly provides flexible and powerful workflow allowing users to easily recertify access.

Determine segregation of duties violations

IGI uses a business activity-based approach to model segregation of duties violations rather than relying on role-to-role comparison. Business activity is immediately recognizable to the business user and enables a very pure and clear way of showing risk that is understood and actionable. By showing a conflict between business activities, such as “create purchase order” and “approve purchase order,” it is much more obvious to the user than a role-to-role defined conflict.

Consolidate application access entitlements

IGI offers a rich set of mature and compatible application adapters, both on prem and for the cloud. This allows for better visibility and user access control for role mining, modeling and optimization.

Provide end-to-end user lifecycle management

IGI provides ease of use through lifecycle management capabilities including powerful workflow provisioning and integrated password management. IGI allows sharing of data about users, applications and entitlements.

IBM Security Identity Governance Overview

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Technical details

Software requirements

Software requirements for IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence can be viewed at:

    Hardware requirements

    Hardware requirements for IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence can be viewed at: