Eight good reasons to use these healthcare services

Bolster availability management

Plan availability, better manage crisis, help reduce spend on failures, improve uptime through data intelligence and reduce business risk.

Enhance hardware and software delivery and support

Take advantage of a single point of support and proactive management for virtually all problems, platforms and vendors.

Optimize reporting and invoicing

Receive electronic updates from your help desk, select from a robust list of reporting options and structure your invoicing to suit your business needs.

Manage warranties more efficiently

Avoid support gaps by helping to ensure that end of warranty devices are supported.

Improve lifecycle maintenance

Gain the flexibility to move support costs from a CAPEX expenditure to an OPEX expenditure to extend or refresh your infrastructure.

Streamline vendor management

Benefit from a single point of support accountability and consolidated invoicing for all vendors, contracts and SLAs.

Enrich inventory and asset management

Reduce asset costs, virtually eliminate support exposures and ease financial and capital planning through better visibility into system performance.

Control change management

Coordinate change across all vendors and platforms to reduce outages.