Key features of IBM FlashSystem 9100

Six 9s data availability

Data availability is of crucial importance for business: any downtime causes immediate impact including loss of customer loyalty and financial costs. IBM FlashSystem 9100 systems with current software deliver six 9s (99.9999%) data availability. These systems include no single point of failure, enterprise proven control software, and ability to perform maintenance concurrently with I/O. In addition, cloud-based IBM Storage Insights detects configuration errors to further improve availability.

Flexibility at the core

IBM FlashSystem 9100 provides multiple petabytes of effective data storage in an efficient two-rack unit chassis. A key innovation involves the transformation of IBM FlashCore technology into a standard 2.5-inch SSD form factor with NVMe interfaces so that 24 FCMs can form the basis of the storage array. You can choose IBM FCMs in multiple capacities, or you can opt for industry standard NVMe-enabled flash drives, with the capability to support both drive types simultaneously within the array.

Multicloud and container capabilities

IBM FlashSystem 9100 offers the unique advantages of FlashCore technology deeply integrated with the software-defined capabilities of IBM Spectrum Storage solutions, including IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM Storage Insights, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Multicloud starter for FlashSystem 9100, IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management Multicloud starter for FlashSystem 9100, IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud Multicloud starter for FlashSystem 9100 and IBM Spectrum Connect.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize

IBM Spectrum Virtualize provides the data services foundation for every IBM FlashSystem 9100 solution. Its industry-leading capabilities include a wide range of data services that can be extended to more than 440 IBM and non-IBM heterogeneous storage systems: automated data movement, synchronous and asynchronous copy services either on-premises or to the public cloud, high availability configurations, storage tiering and data reduction technologies including deduplication, among many others.

Extended system capabilities

IBM FlashSystem 9100 base configurations and system capabilities can easily be extended by adding IBM Spectrum Storage components in one or more of three solutions: Data Reuse, Protection and Efficiency solution; Business Continuity and Data Reuse solution; or Private Cloud Flexibility and Data Protection solution. All three solutions come with validated blueprints to lower risks, speed deployment and increase return on investment.

Intelligent support

IBM Storage Insights can help you better understand trends in storage capacity and performance and expedite resolution when support is required. Storage Insights monitors the health, capacity and performance for IBM block storage and external storage under management on a single pane of glass. Using AI-based analytics, it helps identify potential issues before they become problems. When support is needed, Storage Insights helps speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

A single platform

IBM FlashSystem 9100 solutions provide a single platform to address the full spectrum of 21st century data storage requirements. From NVMe-powered all-flash performance and FlashCore reliability, through easy integration and almost unlimited scalability, to data services that can transform and modernize existing systems – IBM FlashSystem 9100 provides extraordinary value.

Peace of mind

Every IBM FlashSystem 9100 implementation includes a package of guarantees, upgrade programs and extended support options that can help lower deployment and operational risks, reduce maintenance outlays and enhance infrastructure planning, among many other benefits. Included in the "FlashWatch" package are the IBM data reduction guarantee, the IBM availability guarantee, the IBM controller upgrade program, 7 year 24x7 support, and endurance and maintenance guarantees.

Performance with NVMe end to end

NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) provides the benefit of utilizing the low-latency NVMe protocol over a fabric to connect to devices, extending the NVMe capabilities of a system beyond internal PCIe bus limitations. NVMe is a fast-access protocol, and IBM FlashSystem 9100 helps accelerate flash storage access by providing direct communication with the fibre channel adapter by supporting NVMe over Fabrics using fibre channel.

Transform CAPEX to OPEX

Derive more value from your data by transforming CAPEX costs to OPEX with cloud like consumption, pay as you grow capacity-based pricing. Transform your business with IBM’s Storage Utility Offering.

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