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IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Conduct Surveillance proactively monitors employee activity by ingesting and analyzing the immense volume of data derived from diverse set of new channels and source, including emails, social media, chat transcripts, voice transcripts and customer complaints. It goes beyond traditional rules-based alert detection, leveraging pre-built models that can be used in a variety of areas, such as conduct risk, client suitability and complaints. Leveraging advanced cognitive analytics, this solution assists institutions in meeting regulatory obligations around fair sales practices.
IBM Financial Crimes Insight for Conduct Surveillance

Deeper insight into potential conduct

Detect sophisticated misconduct by analyzing wide array of data sources, including email, chat, social media and voice transcripts

Fast and effective investigations

Instantly drill-down into the evidence and reasoning behind an alert to make a quick and accurate decision.

Reduced cost of employee non-compliance

Know your employees better and proactively monitor them for non-compliance by aggregating and analyzing behavioral data.

Minimize noise

Reduce false positives and prioritize alerts using sophisticated, pre-built models to better understand sentiment and higher risk employees.

Security and privacy in the cloud

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Which option is right for you?

  • Communication surveillance

    Capture, aggregate, and triage communication data across email, chat and social media to establish an in-depth view of potential violations.

  • Compliants Analytics

    Analyze and monitor employee-customer interactions to unearth systemic violations and emerging causes of complaints for root cause analysis.

  • Voice Surveillance

    Unlock insight from voice transcripts from call centers and complaints departments to accelerate identification of suspicious intent.

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