What it can do for your business

Tasked with servicing unhappy, disrupted customers makes telecom repair a challenging field. Putting smart mobile tools in the hands of technicians empowers them to make each customer touch point a positive experience. With IBM MobileFirst for iOS Expert Tech, field technicians can better prepare for their service calls, more accurately diagnose and fix problems, and resolve service issues on the first visit. Quick and successful restoration of service can improve customer satisfaction.

Improve preparation for service calls

Give technicians the information and tools to do their job correctly on the first visit.

Make more accurate diagnoses

Use information and analytics to quickly uncover root problems to reduce repeat visits.

Speed issue resolution

Address complaints faster with advanced mobile technology and better collaboration.

Improve customer satisfaction

Confirm customer satisfaction with the service call and document resolutions.

Five good reasons to use Expert Tech

  • Give technicians the information and tools they need
  • Use data and analytics to quickly uncover root problems
  • Enable collaboration between on-site techs and experts
  • Confirm customer satisfaction and document resolutions
  • Gain ongoing benefits with a great service plan