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Optimize data placement between the storage system and the enterprise servers attached to it with features such as intelligent caching algorithms, automated quality-of-service management and advanced storage tiering. Simplify management and accommodate real-time workload fluctuations.

High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2

Take advantage of a true enterprise hybrid data systems performance. Combine flash and traditional spinning drives to consolidate workloads. Cut energy costs by replacing power-hungry spinning drives with more energy-efficient flash storage.

IBM Z® integration

Use IBM High Performance FICON® (zHPF) and IBM DB2® for z/OS® to deliver extreme performance and improve remote data speed. Integration between IBM DS8880 I/O Priority Manager and Workload Manager for z/OS automates quality-of-service management. Includes advanced integration with IBM HyperSwap® and IBM GDPS®, as well as sophisticated business-continuity solutions based on IBM z/OS Parallel Sysplex®.

IBM Easy Tier

Re-balance data automatically within each tier to virtually eliminate hotspots or performance skewing across tiers. Assign—or “pin”—application volumes to a particular tier in a hybrid storage pool to help ensure applications remain on a particular tier.

Tier Advisor Tool

Analyze workload performance to determine volumes for IBM Easy Tier® optimization. Even without activating Easy Tier, the advisor tool can identify which volumes can benefit from additional flash capacity.

Dynamic volume relocation

Manually move entire volumes across tiers or to other storage pools. Restripe data non-disruptively to change a volume’s RAID type, for example, from RAID 5 to RAID 10.

Transparent Cloud Tiering

Deploy hybrid cloud as a new storage tier for simplified backup and archive operations on IBM Z. It does not require an additional server or gateway; it software-defined storage. Offloads the data movement responsibility for backup and archive operations to IBM DS8880.

Power integration with IBM AIX and i

Enable host adapters to prioritize database I/Os with IBM DB2 using end-to-end I/O priorities. Metro Mirror and IBM PowerHA® HyperSwap integration switches I/O operations to the remote IBM DS8880 system in the event of IBM DS8880 system failure or planned outage.

Intelligent control

IBM Storage Insights can help you better understand trends in storage capacity and performance and expedite resolution when support is required. Storage Insights monitors the health, capacity and performance for IBM block storage and external storage under management on a single pane of glass. Using AI-based analytics, it helps identify potential issues before they become problems. When support is needed, Storage Insights helps speed resolution by simplifying tickets and automating log uploads.

Metro Mirror and Global Mirror

Take advantage of no-data-loss remote mirroring up to 300 kilometers (186 miles) with Metro Mirror. Global Mirror reduces data loss to three seconds or less at virtually any distance. The Metro/Global Mirror option combines these two capabilities to support various multi-site configurations.

Multiple Target Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (MT-PPRC)

Implement two secondary mirror systems with different configuration options for world-class disaster recovery and greater than six 9's availability.

Administrative efficiency

Reduce administrative effort with a graphical user interface featuring intuitive navigation, streamlined configuration processes and links to video tutorials. Thin provisioning reduces provisioning time and keeps applications online. IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot provides advanced management capabilities such as detailed performance monitoring.

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