Feature spotlights

Advanced OCR to read images

Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature for printed texts translates all images including bad ones.

Supports multiple languages

German, Italian, Chinese, and Korean are a few of the 46 different languages supported. Even though the EDI messages only contain letters and numbers, the documents may contain words in different languages.

Customized exception handling

Different types of exceptions can be defined and customized for different customers. Documents with exceptions get routed to a queue for authorized personnel to resolve and then place back into the automated process.

ICR technology to recognize handwriting

ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) feature for freeform hand-printed texts interprets all documents quickly and accurately.

Customer case studies

Greenworks Tools saves 160 hours weekly automating orders from customers

Case study image

MISUMI USA - Creating a frictionless ecommerce customer experience through automation

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