IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS details

Deep Db2 integration within IBM Z

Deep integration with Db2 for z/OS can ensure every query workload runs in the most efficient way, and each query is executed in an optimal environment.

High-performance query execution

Transparently routes complex queries from Db2 for z/OS to an optimized high-performance environment. This ensures rapid responses for these queries without application changes.

In-database transformation

Helps you simplify and reduce your infrastructure by pushing SQL data transformations into the Accelerator. Reduce the need to move data across different platforms and simplify the data transformation process.

Flexible deployment options

Deploy the form factor that best suits your organization’s requirements – either as an appliance on the IBM Integrated Analytics System appliance -- and/or directly on IBM Z.

Advanced data synchronization technique

Integrated Synchronization provides an integrated, low-latency data coherence protocol between Db2 for z/OS and the Accelerator. This enables analytical queries to run against the latest committed data without delay. Thus, transactional and analytical queries have the same currency of data, ensuring transactionally consistent analytical query results.

Expanded scalability for Db2 Analytics Accelerator on IBM Z

Offers a wide range of scalability, from small single-node to very large multi-node deployments. Any organization, from those with smaller deployments to those with large, demanding workloads can take advantage of the Accelerator’s capabilities.

Customer case studies

Case study image

Builds real-time manufacturing capabilities to drive customer satisfaction

Baldor Electric Company
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Enhances analytic solutions with Db2 Analytics Accelerator

SGK (Social Security Institution)

Technical details

Software requirements

The Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS software requires:

  • z/OS V2.1, or later
  • Db2 V11.1 for z/OS, or later
  • Db2 Utilities Suite for z/OS V11.1, or later

Hardware requirements

Minimum hardware requirements must be met to successfully install IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS. Size is determined by the required performance given amount of data, number of users, complexity of queries and their arrival rate. This drives the configuration.