Manage the growth of SAP application data

Expansive ECM SAP business capabilities and integration

IBM® Content Collector for SAP integrates with IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture to convert, understand, tag and direct various types of incoming documents to the proper systems and people, including SAP applications and users. It provides a feature-rich capture and archiving infrastructure to deliver expansive SAP solutions from IBM and from business partners supporting areas such as, accounts payable, human resources management and contract management.

Assessment and progression techniques

Content Collector for SAP implements value-based archiving for SAP content using interlinked products in the IBM Content Collector family to defensibly delete information when its value expires. By using IBM assessment and progression techniques it helps determine the value of information and how long to retain it.

Links to ECM-stored documents

Valuable ECM-stored documents, such as sales orders and contracts can be linked to SAP transactions, providing a full record when required. Integration with IBM ECM Case Manger enables you to link case documents to SAP business processes.

Built-in storage management capabilities

IBM ECM repositories including Content Manager, Content Manager OnDemand, FileNet® Content Manager (P8) and FileNet Image Services are supported, as well as IBM® Spectrum Protect™ enabling you to take advantage of built-in hierarchical storage management and use your existing infrastructure.

Supports traditional SAP ArchiveLink™

IBM® Content Collector for SAP supports traditional SAP ArchiveLink™ and SAP Content Server as well as SAP NetWeaver® Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) protocols to meet a range of needs. It provides SAP NetWeaver ILM 3.0 support to enable SAP-directed retention periods on archived data with advanced SAP and document instance decommissioning.

Business process management

Content Collector for SAP offers rich, content-centric IBM business process management (BPM) and advanced case management components that can be linked with SAP workflows to enable and manage processes beyond SAP boundaries. It also takes advantage of many IBM ECM products, including Content Analytics and Global Retention Policy Management, as well as SAP-specific Optim™ process offerings enabling greater returns from expanded IBM ECM environments and deeper SAP implementations.

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