Feature spotlights

X-Force Premium Threat Intelligence Reports

Act upon actionable threat intelligence with the X-Force Premium Threat Intelligence Reports, which provide contextual information about cyber threats collected across IBM's owned and managed devices, IBM's global footprint, intelligence from live breaches, and the unique threat-hunting database from X-Force Incident Response and Intelligence Services.

X-Force Threat Score

Prioritize relevant cyber threats with X-Force Threat Score, an adaptive-risk score that takes into consideration threat severity, malicious indicators, your organization profile and threats found within your environment.

Am I Affected

Identify cyber threats active in your environment with Am I Affected, which runs continuous and automated searches across connected data sources.

Threat Ops Solution

Once you detect a cyber threat, quickly take action by seamlessly continuing with the other Threat Ops Solution apps to investigate deeper and begin remediation.

How customers use it

  • Enable real-time blocking

    Enable real-time blocking


    Analysts can't separate the signal from the noise with the high volume of threats and false positives.


    IBM Threat Intelligence Insights can help you reduce your investigation time by integrating machine-readable threat intelligence into your security processes to enrich and block malicious threats faster than ever before.

  • Aid in threat hunting

    Aid in threat hunting


    Analysts in your security operations center are often overwhelmed by network traffic and threat intelligence data, which inhibits the internal visibility needed to identify patterns and attacker methodologies.


    IBM Threat Intelligence Insights provides you with tactical and operational intelligence for you to proactively seek out information on threats across various connected data sources and start your threat hunting process.

  • Guide decision making

    Guide decision making


    Decision makers in your organization are looking to make informed, strategic cybersecurity decisions.


    IBM Threat Intelligence Insights provides you with higher-order intelligence to generate strategic awareness across regions and industries, identify future trends, and characterize threat events to guide strategic decision making.

  • Understand the adversary

    Understand the adversary


    Cyber adversaries are constantly evolving — adding new tactics and malware to their arsenal to get into your network or move laterally — often staying ahead of the latest rules on a SIEM.


    IBM Threat Intelligence Insights helps you understand the profile of the adversary, including relevant information such as motivations, tools, and methods across threat groups and industries.

  • Investigation and response

    Investigation and response


    Analysts in your security operations center have identified active threats in your environment and need to further investigate the threat and start the remediation process.


    With IBM Threat Intelligence Insights you can continue the investigations and start the remediation process as it seamlessly integrates with other applications on IBM Security Connect.

Technical details

Software requirements

Works best on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

    Hardware requirements

    No hardware requirements.

      Technical specifications

      Threat Intelligence Insights is a SaaS app hosted on IBM Security Connect that works on the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

      In order to connect an on-premise Data Source to the IBM Security Connect environment it will be necessary to install and run a light-weight secure gateway Edge device within the customer network.

      • Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari
      • Security gateway Edge device to connect to on-prem data sources (optional)

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