Feature spotlights

Blazing-fast data transfer

Lift uses IBM Aspera under the covers to move your data to the cloud at blazing fast speeds. Aspera's patented transport technology leverages existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP.

Encryption for data in motion

Nobody wants to end up on the front page of the news. Any data moved over the wire to the IBM Cloud is completely secure via a 256-bit encrypted connection.

Quickly recover from common problems

Automatically recovers from common problems you may hit during the migration. For example, if your file upload is interrupted mid-transfer, Lift will resume where you last left off. File uploads are stable and robust, even over the most bandwidth-constrained networks.

Control each migration step

Every data migration is split into three steps: extract from source, transport over the wire, and load into target. Our CLI version gives you the flexibility to perform these three steps separately so that your data migration works around your schedule, not the other way around.

Built for the cloud

You'll install Lift only once on your on-premises machine. Under the covers, the CLI version works with the Lift Core Services running in the IBM Cloud to help get your data to your Cloud persistent store. Like any other cloud app, Lift never requires an update. New features are instantly available to you without you having to lift a finger.


We want you to try our cloud data services. Cost shouldn't be an issue.

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