CICS Java application serving with a one-time-charge

IBM® CICS® Transaction Server for z/OS® Value Unit Edition (CICS TS VUE) gives you all of the speed, reliability and value of CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) with a one-time-charge (OTC) price model. Eligible workloads include Java® applications deployed in qualifying IBM Z® New Application License Charge (zNALC) logical partitions (LPARs). These can be integrated and managed alongside existing CICS TS workloads using IBM CICSPlex® System Management.

Available, scalable, secure

Create Java applications in a high performing and scalable server environment, running within the the security of IBM Z.

Integrate with your existing CICS apps

Use IBM CICSPlex System Management to federate new CICS VUE applications with existing IBM CICS Transaction Server workloads.

Ideal for ISVs

Take advantage of one-time-charge pricing to tailor your costs to your usage model. CICS VUE is the perfect solution for ISVs.

Key features of IBM CICS TS VUE

  • All the benefits of CICS Transaction Server
  • Support for Java Enterprise Edition 7 Full Platform
  • Federate CICS VUE workloads with existing CICS workloads
  • One-Time-Charge pricing for eligible workloads