Feature spotlights

Integrates with the IBM ECM family of products

Streamlining business processes along with eliminating errors and delays are key goals when looking to implement and manage your organizations unstructured information. Case Foundation integrates with Enterprise Records software to allow automation of records management events and enables Content Manager Enterprise Edition events to launch processes. These processes can operate on Content Manager content and work with Content Manager OnDemand products.

Single installation for the Content Platform Engine

The Process Engine and Content Engine are combined in the integrated Content Platform Engine. These capabilities run on the same Java virtual machine within a JEE server. The Content Platform Engine services multiple process databases and repositories and can be defined within a user-specified database schema for consistency and simplified administration. IBM components, such as content extended operations and web service requests are also serviced by the Content Platform Engine.

Services for multiple databases and component management

Multiple Content Platform Engines can reside on a single server, servicing databases in one or more P8 domains. The Component Manager runs as a service within the Content Platform Engine and custom components can be run separately or brought into the IBM Case Foundation environment through the Process Configuration Console.

Includes Case Monitor and Case Analyzer capabilities

The Case Monitor and the Case Analyzer data mart services run within the Content Platform Engine and a single data mart publishing service can service multiple data mart databases. The Case Analyzer publishing service publishes to IBM DB2 and Oracle® databases in addition to Microsoft® SQL Server from Linux® and AIX® platforms as well as Microsoft Windows® Server platforms. Case Monitor presents historical process data in addition to in-flight process data in the dashboard.