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BPM Wave improves banking platform

See how IBM Premier Partner BPM Wave helps banks undergo digital transformations with 21st-century customer engagement.

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IBM Mobile uses smarter processes

Learn how to meet increasing demands for mobile banking services by connecting mobile to your enterprise bank processes.

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Exploit new service models

Find out how retailers can use mobile and BPM to deliver flexible, reliable ways to engage customers and build loyalty.

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Deliver better services

View this animated video to learn how mobile and BPM are helping governments facilitate citizen service requests.

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Streamline application development

See how Key Bank was able to build, test and deploy its tracking system to focus on meeting customer expectations.

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Read how Control€xpert automates claims review processes, freeing experts from trivial work and protecting profitability.

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MIR Insurance Brokers

Learn how MIR Insurance Brokers reduced policy processing from days to hours.

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ODF Energía: Streamlining compliance using IBM business process management

Learn how IBM Partner Habber Tec helped build an integration layer in the cloud to consolidate business processes.

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IBM Business Process Manager demo

See IBM Business Process Manager in action in this introduction demo.

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Business process management for dummies

Find out how business process management (BPM) helps you gain control over your operational processes.

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Transform business processes

Learn about other IBM Process Transformation solutions designed to improve speed, efficiency and control.

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Improvement processes in your organization

Discover how you can automate business processes and decisions to improve efficiency, increase agility and reduce costs.

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