Maintain audit readiness and mitigate security risks

IBM BigFix Inventory can dramatically reduce the time required to conduct a comprehensive software asset inventory for license reconciliation or compliance purposes. It provides valuable insight into what the organization owns—and what it has installed but does not own—along with how often the software is being used. It supports better planning, budgeting and vendor license compliance, while mitigating security risk.

Reduce asset management costs

Keep track of hardware and software assets across hundreds of thousands of endpoints with fast deployment and reporting—even in multi-tenant environments.

Simplify asset identification

Streamline software asset identification and reporting by using ISO 19770-2 standard enabled discovery. Access an extendable software identification catalog with more than 100,000 software titles.

Be prepared for audits

Ensure audit readiness with discovery for software, processes and file systems—along with server capacity usage and metering. Save money and reduce security risks by identifying unused software.

Key Features of IBM BigFix Inventory

  • Manages assets across hundreds of thousands of endpoints
  • Delivers a comprehensive Software Identification Catalog
  • Enables enhanced reporting
  • Provides discovery for software and processes
  • Integrates with IBM software products

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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