IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS features

Non-intrusive collection of performance and statistical data

IBM® Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS uses non-intrusive statistical sampling from the monitored address space and analyzes the system or resource application usage of CPU, DASD, I/O or the total address space. The tool can monitor, analyze and report the performance of CICS®, Assembler, COBOL, PL/I, C/C++, Db2®, IMS™, WebSphere® MQ, WebSphere Application Server and Java® applications.

Pinpoint bottlenecks and fix immediately

APA gives you the information you need to isolate performance problems in applications and test the effect of increased workloads on your systems. APA helps you maximize the performance of your existing applications and improve response time of online transactions and batch turnaround times. With effortless source-code mapping, you can pinpoint bottlenecks with speed and accuracy.

Report and track historical changes over time

APA features online analysis reports that can be exported as PDF or XML files. This makes report-viewing on workstations or transferring to other applications much easier. You’ll now be able to evaluate changes in resources, data volume, and application behavior for a truly historical view and for trend analysis of your environment.

Support application development, enhancements and debug

APA can assist in application design, development and maintenance cycles, and DevOps initiatives. APA helps evaluate application prototypes in design phases, review impacts of increased data volume or changes in business requirements on performance. APA then generates historical data and reports to analyze performance trends and evaluate changes. APA is included in IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS, a set of tools to create, maintain, and support z/OS applications.

Technical details

Software requirements

A complete list of software requirements

    Hardware requirements

    Any hardware configuration capable of running IBM z/OS.

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