Reliable scale-out servers for your hybrid multicloud

It is vital to businesses today to use a compute platform that provides continuity for key business operations and processes, and one that enables digital transformation by easily extending these workloads to private, public or hybrid clouds. Scale-out servers can do both, with high performance, security, and top-ranking reliability.


Discover the high reliability, performance, and security of IBM Power Systems scale-out solutions

Unparalleled reliability


IBM Power Systems has delivered the highest-rated reliability over the past 12 years, with unmatched availability and security.

Increased performance


POWER9 has 2X the performance per core versus x86, supporting increasingly demanding compute-intensive workloads and applications.

Container scalability


IBM Power Systems support 3.2X more containers per core than tested x86 systems.

Field guide to application modernization

Learn where to start, how to make a business case and keep your projects on track and within budget – with IBM Power Systems as a strong supporting foundation.

Scale-out, cloud-enabled servers

Secure and reliable AIX, IBM i and Linux servers for hybrid multicloud

Cloud-enabled 1 or 2-socket 2U server

A secure, reliable, cloud-enabled 1- or 2-socket 2U scale-out server for hybrid multicloud IT.

Cloud-enabled 1 or 2-socket 4U server

A secure, reliable, cloud-enabled 1- or 2-socket 4U scale-out server for hybrid multicloud IT.

Cloud-enabled 1-socket 4U server

A secure, reliable, cloud-enabled 1-socket 4U scale-out server for mission-critical workloads.

Scalable servers for AI and big data

IBM Systems Lab Services Consulting

With expertise in IBM Power Systems hardware and software — including AIX, IBM i, Linux, PowerVM and PowerHA — Lab Services helps you deploy the building blocks of hybrid multicloud IT infrastructure that empowers your business.


Multicloud container development

Learn why Forrester named named Red Hat-IBM a leader among multicloud container development platforms.

Hybrid multicloud-enabled

Learn how to integrate Power Systems into your hybrid multicloud strategy.

Flexible consumption

Learn how on-demand consumption can reduce your costs while maintaining the competitive advantages of scalability.

Multi-layered security

Discover why it’s essential that every layer of your company’s IT hardware and software stack remains secured – end-to-end.

Operating Systems

Run your enterprise with the right OS for IBM Power Systems.

The platform for innovation and the competitive advantage

Find out why IDC calls IBM i the “best-kept secret” of many organizations.

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