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When you apply for the first time you will be instructed to set up a user name and password. If you forget your user name or password, select the link for Forgot Your Password in the sign in box. You will receive a popup in your browser with instructions for recovering.

NOTE: IBM has become aware of incidents where criminals are using Corporate brands to post fictitious job descriptions and make fraudulent job offers. Read the following to learn more:

Refer to the following FAQs for additional application guidance

Q. What will I experience as an applicant?

A: As an external applicant, you will be able to create an online application, upload a resume, and track the status of your applications via the candidate portal. This initial investment of your time will result in less data entry in future applications. You will also be able to view and apply to all global external openings, update your contact information, and refer friends via your social networks. This can all be done easily via mobile device from the candidate portal as well.

Q. Will I be able to apply to more than one vacancy at the same time on the system?

A: No. Due to the individual requirements of each job posting, you can only apply to one job opening at a time. You are free to apply to as many roles as you like, but you must complete each individual job application separately. Information provided in the application process will carry over to your next application, with the ability to review and edit each time.

Q: Is there a maximum number of jobs I can apply to?

A: No. There is no system limitation on the number of active applications you can have in the system.

Q. Can I view my resume, applications, and offers in the new tool?

A: Yes. You can view your current resume, status of applications, and even review offers in the candidate portal. Simply log in to your account from the gateway you applied in, and the landing page will give you several options for reviewing information relevant to the application process.

Q: After submitting my resume to a position, will there be a follow up or contact information?

A: You have the ability to track the status of your application. Log in to your account from the gateway you applied and on the landing page click on the link for Job submission status. If you are on the Search Openings screen, you will need to go back to Home first to see the link for Job submission status. From the Job submission status page you can review the status of all your applications. If you are not selected for the position, your status will be updated accordingly.

Q: How do I receive an Accommodation if I am a person with a disability?

A: IBM is committed to the employment of people with disabilities. As part of being invited to complete an IBM assessment, all candidates receive instructions on how to request an accommodation or adjustment because of a disability. The IBM Selection and Assessment Team will personally work with each candidate needing an accommodation or adjustment.

Q: What happens if I withdraw my application?

A: If you withdraw your application, you will not be considered for the opportunity; however you will be able to re-activate your job submission at a later point if no other applicant is being considered for the job.

Q: What can I do if I receive a notice that I was not selected for the position?

A: Since you can only apply to a specific job opportunity once, it is important you pay close attention to the questions asked on the application and ensure you respond to all required questions accurately and completely. If you receive a notice advising that you have not been selected for a position, please understand that your application was reviewed and considered against the requirements of the job. While you were not a fit for that specific opportunity, we encourage you to continue exploring other IBM opportunities for which you may be interested in and that match up with your skills.

Q: How do I update my login information, contact information, education, and work experience?

A: Log in to your account from the Gateway you applied in, and on the landing page you will see an option for “Edit your Profile”. The Edit your profile page will allow you to change your password, contact information, education, and work history.

If you have login or technical issues not addressed in the FAQs above, please email us with your issue. Please include the country you are applying from in the subject line of your e-mail. Any inquiries made to this e-mail address that are not related to login or technical issues will not be considered.