The IBM Bromont Plant

The IBM plant in Bromont transforms the most advanced semiconductors in the world into industry-leading microelectronic components. These components are then used in the whole IBM system portfolio, as well as in many products from our major external customers. The plant is the largest flip-chip assembly and testing facility in North America and is committed to the protection of the environment and quality of life.

The Bromont team, with its several hundred employees is renowned for its skills, know-how and experience. And it is thanks to its commitment to customer satisfaction and its great adaptability in a competitive and very dynamic market that the plant has remained a leader in its industry.

IBM Bromont - From yesterday to today

The Bromont plant opened its doors in June 1972 and it employed 200 people in charge of manufacturing integrated circuit components (substrates). Two years later, it was the advent of the Selectric typewriters and 500 additional employees were hired. During the following years, the workforce never stopped growing in number, the objective being to keep pace with the technology evolution and diversification.

In 2006, the plant was called upon to fulfill a global mission as the supplier of well-known customers such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo that were competing in the game console market. Then, it moved towards high-end products and never stopped evolving and investing since.

Today, the Bromont plant is the only IBM semiconductor manufacturing and testing facility in the world. Each server developed by IBM contains at least one component built inside this plant. In our daily lives, the use of the Internet and various applications would not be what it is today without the assembly methods developed in Bromont.

IBM Bromont is a player that always pushes the technology boundaries with its global partners and meets the nanotechnology era challenges brilliantly.

What sets us apart

At Bromont, teamwork is an essential element, which makes our plant an ideal environment to learn, evolve and succeed. It is thanks to such a combination of all of the team talent and expertise that we are able to develop high-end products that contribute to what makes us famous.

You will also be seduced by the plant's geographic location in the Eastern Townships, in the heart of one of the most beautiful regions of Quebec, halfway between Montreal and Sherbrooke. The environment and the quality of life, as well as the multitude of sports and activities that can be practiced there, definitely make it a privileged working and living environment for you and your family.

Job opportunities

IBM Bromont is a corporate leader founded on the quality of its employees. Most of the workforce is made up of manufacturing workers (operators). We are therefore always looking for candidates interested in a career in the manufacturing sector. If you are interested in this type of employment, you can send your resume directly as follows:

By e-mail to:
By mail:
Service des ressources humaines
23, boulevard de l’Aéroport
Bromont (Québec) J2L 1A3

In addition to our manufacturing workforce, we also hire in several technical and professional fields to support production, such as Machining, Logistics, and Engineering. For current job opportunities in these areas, please refer to the below.

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