The IBM Bromont Plant

At IBM in Bromont, we transform the world's most advanced semiconductors into state-of-the-art microelectronic components that are used in the entire line of IBM systems as well as in a wide range of products produced by our outside customers.

The team is recognized for its skill, know-how, and experience. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and ability to adapt in a hyper-dynamic and competitive market have made the plant a leader in its sector.

You may be designing and building innovative customer experiences, using real-time analytics and cloud technologies, infusing cognition into our clients’ enterprises, or building mobile and web apps; making a difference to our clients and to the world.
Protecting the environment and quality of life is a top priority for everyone in Bromont. Doubtless, this has something to do with the fact that we are located in a very picturesque part of the Eastern Townships, in eastern Quebec. Our employees are thus very much into composting and recycling.

IBM Today

Bromont's History

The IBM Bromont plant opened in June 1972. It was initially a secondary facility for small-scale manufacturing of metallic substrates. This consisted of etching circuits onto a ceramic medium, followed by an assembly process to create components used in keyboards and certain types of computer memory. Over a 15-year span, IBM Bromont prepared more than one billion such components.

This was followed by the Selectric typewriter area. The plant added typewriter assembly to its mission in 1974, and hired 500 new employees. Ten years later, Bromont has become the largest manufacturer of typewriters in North America.

The plant went through an increasing number of missions in the 1990s, and in 2006 was selected to be IBM's global assembly and testing facility for leading-edge microprocessors and specialized components used in IBM server products.

Job opportunities

IBM Bromont is a corporate leader founded on the quality of its employees. Most of the workforce is made up of manufacturing workers (operators). We are therefore always looking for candidates interested in a career in the manufacturing sector. If you are interested in this type of employment, you can send your résumé directly as follows:

By e-mail to:
By mail:
Service des ressources humaines
23, boulevard de l’Aéroport
Bromont (Québec) J2L 1A3

In addition to our manufacturing workforce, we are also hiring in several technical fields to support production. We are recruiting technicians and professionals from various disciplines.

If you are interested in these types of employment, please apply directly on our web site

What sets us apart

Teamwork is an essential component of the human factor at the Bromont plant. Mental synergy makes our facility an outstanding place to learn, evolve and succeed. It is thanks to this pooling of the entire team's talent and expertise that we are able to produce top-notch products that help to cement our reputation.

The Bromont region is a highly sought-after resort area, and is equipped with a wide range of recreational and tourist facilities, including four golf courses, a well-known ski centre, numerous bike paths and a world-class equestrian centre. In addition, the area also boasts many fine restaurants and a host of other tourist attractions. Bromont residents get to enjoy a vacation-like setting all year long!