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Logical isolation. Quick provisioning. High network performance.

IBM Cloud® Virtual Server for VPC offers fast-provisioning compute capacity with the highest network speeds and most secure, software-defined networking resources available on the IBM Cloud. Built on IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and featuring powerful, 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Processors, this developer-friendly infrastructure helps drive modern workloads faster and easier with pre-set instance profiles, rapid deployment and private network control in an agile public cloud environment. Choose multi-tenant or dedicated, add GPUs, and pay-as-you-use by the hour.

How it’s used

Three-tier web applications

Deploying web applications in multiple zones with IBM Cloud Internet Services and IBM Cloud Load Balancer

Three-tier web applications

Build precisely for high-traffic and dense caching server requirements. Distribute globally in public or dedicated scenarios with various load balancing options.

Self-contained microservices

Deploying server pools in a single multizone region

Self-contained microservices

Application scale and availability is essential. Build and dynamically add or remove virtual server instance groups with auto scale templates and server pool control.

SAP workloads

Ultra High Memory profiles for virtual server instances

SAP workloads

Ultra High Memory virtual server profiles deliver the highest vCPU to memory ratios, with 1vCPU to 28 GiB of RAM to serve in-memory OLTP databases such as SAP.

HPC workloads

NVIDIA V100 Tensor Core GPU

HPC workloads

Accelerate AI, machine learning, and inferencing workloads with an NVIDIA GPU family of virtual server profiles.

Product features

Agility with private-cloud security

Security-rich functionality

Employ highly available private virtual networks.

MZR and availability zones

Use resiliency support for colleagues and customers.

VPC subnets

Take advantage of security-rich availability and latency reduction.

Bring-your-own IP

Strengthen security and privacy with bring-your-own IP.

Flow logs

Collect valuable information about IP traffic.

Rapid scaling

Scale your environment for your customers' needs.