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Create your notification service and then enable tag-based or user-based notifications. These can be configured as interactive or silent and with iOS 10 or later, can include rich media. Tag-based notifications target all devices subscribed to a particular tag. This allows segmentation of notifications based on subject areas or topics. User ID-based notifications target mobile app users with customized messages. Interactive types enable users to respond to a notification without opening the app.


Check out Push API

You can use a REST API for Push Notifications. You can also use the SDK and Push API to further develop your client applications. With the Push REST API, backend server applications and clients can access Push Notification functions including device registration, user registrations, messages, subscriptions, tags, and webhooks.

Monitor notifications

The IBM Push Notifications service now extends capabilities to monitor the push performance by generating graphs from your user data. You can use the utility to list all the sent push notifications, or to list all the registered devices and to analyze information on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This is important as you look to improve your engagement with users and learn from the data how they are responding to your notifications.

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