IBM Cloudant features

This IBM Cloud™ service provides a fully managed, distributed JSON document database. Rapidly deploy an instance, create databases and independently scale throughput capacity and data storage to meet your application requirements. IBM experts take away the pain of hardware and software provisioning, patching and upgrades while offering a 99.99 percent SLA. 

IBM Cloudant® is International Standard of Organization (ISO) 27001 compatible, Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 Type 2 compliant, and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) ready. All data is encrypted over the wire and at rest, with optional user-defined encryption key management through IBM Key Protect. The service integrates with IBM Identity and Access Management for granular access control at the API level.

Distribute data across zones, regions and cloud providers to build highly resilient applications. Cloudant is available in all IBM Cloud regions and 55+ data centers across the world. Deliver data across continents for global application performance and disaster recovery requirements. All Cloudant instances are deployed on clusters that span availability zones in regions that support them for added durability at no extra cost. 

Cloudant is API compatible with Apache CouchDB, enabling you to access an abundance of language libraries and tools to rapidly build new applications and features with peace of mind. Deploy your database in the cloud of your choosing. 

Durable replication

Learn about Cloudant replication

Move application data closer to the places it needs to be — for uninterrupted data access, offline or online. Cloudant helps teams build progressive web apps, develop with an offline-first architecture, or manipulate data on edge devices.

Enhance your applications with built-in key-value, MapReduce, full-text search, and geospatial querying that go beyond simple bounding boxes. Stream the changes feed for seamless integration with event-driven applications and IBM Cloud Functions.


Mobile for Android and iOS

The Cloudant Sync library is used to store, index and query local JSON data on a mobile device. It is also used to synchronize data between many devices. Synchronization is controlled by your application. The library also provides helper methods for finding and resolving conflicts, both in the local device and the remote database.

SDK/client library

Android/JavaSE (link resides outside IBM)

iOS (CDTDataStore) (link resides outside IBM)


java-cloudant is the official IBM Cloudant NoSQL DB for IBM Cloud library for Java. Information about installing the library by adding it as a dependency to your Maven or Gradle builds is available here, along with details and examples of how to use the library.

Install the library


A supported library is available for working with Cloudant NoSQL DB. The library is called SwiftCloudant, and is installed by using cocoapods. The library is an early release version. As such, it does not currently offer complete Cloudant NoSQL DB API coverage.

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nodejs-cloudant is the official Cloudant NoSQL DB library for Node.js.

nodejs-cloudant library


A supported library for working with Cloudant NoSQL DB by using Python is available.

Download the current library release

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A managed NoSQL database service that moves application data closer to all the places it needs to be — for uninterrupted data access, offline or on.