What is IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?

This Cloud Pak is an enterprise-grade, full-stack cloud solution that integrates a container platform, containerized IBM middleware and open source components and common software services for development and management.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management helps to provide you with consistent visibility, governance and automation with a range of hybrid, multicloud and management capabilities. Expect support for your event management, infrastructure management, application management, multicluster management, edge management and integration with your existing tools and processes.

You can use IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management to simplify your IT and application operational management. Intelligent data analysis that’s driven by predictive signals helps to strengthen your ability to enforce your enterprise’s policies. Take action to increase flexibility and reduce cost.

What are the components of IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?

Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management includes capabilities for multicluster management, event management, application management, and infrastructure management — plus integration with existing tools and processes

How does IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management help manage a multicluster, multicloud environment?

This solution helps you manage the new challenges that arise as your organization modernizes and deploys containerized clusters. Expect improved visibility, governance and automation throughout your multicloud and edge environments. A single dashboard helps you to oversee multiple Kubernetes clusters wherever they are — public cloud or private cloud.

What are the business benefits of IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management continuously delivers value through a consistent multi-cloud experience across public and private clouds. This solution helps you reduce cost, improve efficiency and enable more-consistent operational management.

How do I get started?

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What if I don't plan to use all of the IBM Cloud Pak capabilities that IBM offers?

The solution is meant to be modular — consume what you need and integrate with existing tools.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management provides flexible bundle capability. This lets you “mix and match” between programs and deploy what's suitable to your organization.

What clouds are supported by IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management?

This Cloud Pak is “cloud agnostic.” You’re not locked in to any vendor. 

What if I am using other management products such as New Relic in my operation?

Unlock more power with IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management. With real-time visibility, governance and automation of your entire environment — from cluster, apps and infrastructure through to customer experience — you can succeed in your most important business initiatives.

IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management is a bundled solution, providing you with:

  • Information about policy and insights across all clouds
  • Automatic provisioning of infrastructure with Terraform and Git
  • Simpler monitoring for modern applications

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