Harness the power of AI in a comprehensive cloud integration solution

Meet escalating demand, help reduce costs and increase operational agility across extended teams with an AI-accelerated integration approach. IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration includes flexible software components for hybrid cloud, which, when put together, make up the broadest set of integration capabilities available.

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High-speed data transfer ↓
End-to-end security ↓


Modernize one aspect of integration — or all of them

Explore what you can do with flexible AI-powered software components for hybrid cloud.

API management

Rapidly secure and manage your entire API ecosystem across multiple clouds.

Application integration

Integrate applications and data no matter where they live.

Enterprise messaging

Receive the information you need when you need it — once and once only.

Event streaming

Build intelligent, responsive applications that react to events in real time.

High-speed data transfer

Move data of any size or volume around the world at maximum speed.

End-to-end security

Create a persistent encrypted connection between environments.

Automation foundation

Shared components that power intelligent automation

A set of common AI and automation components power each intelligent IBM Cloud Pak and provide security-rich connections for business processes, app and data integrations, IT operations and networks — so you can build once and then reuse across your business and IT operations. Key components include:

Process mining

Create a visual representation of the data flowing through your business systems and baseline your operational KPIs.

Task mining

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Find low-hanging RPA opportunities to improve workforce productivity.

Robotic process automation

Automate repetitive tasks by mimicking the actions of humans interacting with software applications.

Unified asset repository

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Get and store reusable automation artifacts such as starters (e.g., prebuilt bots) and templates.

Single event hub

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Process the business and IT event data from IBM Cloud Paks for Automation – in real time – to feed AI and machine learning.

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