What is Cloud Foundry?

Cloud Foundry ensures that the build and deploy aspects of coding remain carefully coordinated with any attached services — resulting in quick, consistent and reliable iterating of applications.

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Three deployment options

Cloud Foundry Public

Run your cloud-native app using Cloud Foundry for simple stand-up and powerful scaling and traffic management. Consumption is by hour and changes dynamically based on usage.

Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

A self-service, on-demand provisioned single-tenant PaaS environment, providing elastic consumption and complete access to administrative capabilities.

Cloud Foundry Private

A Cloud Foundry platform that runs in your data center on your infrastructure.

Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment

Enterprises can now run Cloud Foundry in a public isolated environment, while natively integrating with other IBM Cloud™ services, such as AI, blockchain, IoT and data tools.

Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment (CFEE) runs on a Kubernetes service, which reduces complexity by giving development teams a comprehensive set of familiar tools under one management umbrella. CFEE allows IT organizations to safeguard their existing investment in Cloud Foundry, while seamlessly bringing in new skill sets that will lead to building apps that provide contemporary customer experiences.

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Use cases

Deploy across regions

Workflow diagram of a web application continuous delivery pipeline

Deploy a secure web application across multiple regions

This tutorial walks you through creating, securing and deploying a web application across multiple regions by using a continuous delivery pipeline. Like many other starter applications in IBM Cloud®, you will use a Node.js starter application for this tutorial.

Modern web application using MEAN stack

Diagram showing modern web application using MEAN stack

Modern web application using MEAN stack

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a web application using the popular MEAN stack. It is composed of a MongoDB database, Express web framework, Angular front-end framework and a Node.js runtime.

Analyze logs and monitor health of a Cloud Foundry application

Diagram illustrating Cloud Foundry application

Analyze logs and monitor health of a Cloud Foundry application

Get hands-on experience using a log analysis service to monitor the health of Python-based Cloud Foundry applications running in the cloud, and diagnose possible problems they may present.

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