Sustainability as a core business strategy

Enterprise Sustainability Priorities

The pandemic has increased consumers’ commitment to sustainability, and brands have a prime opportunity to be transparent about their environmental and social responsibility initiatives.

Find out how you can factor-in sustainability as a growth agenda for your business.

IBM Institute for Business Value and industry reports

Sustainability insights

Today, environmental risks are business risks, but technology can help companies mitigate them.

Diversity and inclusion insights

Organizations that prioritize diversity are more innovative and creative — and that drives better business results.

Energizing a carbon-neutral future

Deploy strategies that decarbonize and digitize businesses across industries.

Clients, communities and research initiatives

Turning the tide on ocean plastic

Plastic Bank is cleaning up the ocean while paying workers in developing nations a living wage.

Digital farming with AI

As climate change continues to stress our ability to produce food, technology is here to help.

Nanotechnology improves water recycling

New nanotechnology can reduce the use of fresh water and decrease emissions in Alberta's oil sands.

Carbon capture limits global warming

IBM works across industries to capture carbon dioxide and transform it into something valuable.

Weather impacts everything

The Weather Company®, an IBM Business, provides reliable insights to drive business decisions.

Investing in the workforce of tomorrow

Six Nations Polytechnic, IBM and Mohawk College deliver P-TECH education to Ontario students.

Sustainability and climate risk services

IBM has the technology and industry expertise to help you plan a sustainable, profitable path forward with open, AI-powered solutions. Our experienced team is committed to initiatives that make good business sense while contributing to a more sustainable world.

Which of these imperatives are most critical to your business?

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Journey to sustainability using ESG strategy

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Climate risk, carbon and financial reporting

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Electrification, energy and emissions management

Smart infrastructure icon

Smart infrastructure and intelligent operations

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Sustainable supply chain and circularity

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Weather network and services

Our experienced team is committed to initiatives that make good business sense while contributing to a more sustainable world.


Ready to support your sustainability mandates

We have the privilege of helping our clients connect the ‘how’ to the ‘what’ of sustainability, which is often the daunting challenge. We help organizations accelerate their journey to sustainability using digital technology and advisory services to support more equitable, restorative, regenerative and resilient business models, products and services.

Ask our IBM expert

Ally Karmali
Practice Leader, Sustainability

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Journey to sustainability using ESG strategy

Provide roadmaps, innovations and operating models that help embed sustainability into all business areas.

IBM offerings:

  • Strategy development
  • Maturity framework
  • Data strategy
  • Design for sustainability
  • Assimilate sustainability across the value chain

Ask our IBM expert

Laïla Abou El Bal
Certified Climate Reality Leader,
Sustainable Business Strategy

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Climate risk, carbon and financial reporting

Enable sustainable development by understanding risks, enabling resiliency,and meeting regulation and external development goals.

IBM offerings:

  • Climate risk management
  • Transition risk analytics
  • Geospatial analytics
  • Disclosure and ESG reporting
  • Sustainable finance

Ask our IBM expert

Zlata Huddleston
Partner Sustainability Lead Risk & Compliance, Financial Services

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Electrification, energy and emissions management

Improve energy management and efficiency through waste reduction, alternative sources and carbon accounting.

IBM offerings:

  • Energy management
  • Electrification of transportation (e-mobility)
  • Energy flex platform
  • Carbon accounting

Ask our IBM expert

Ross Manning
Vice President and Partner, Canadian
Energy Industry

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Smart infrastructure and intelligent operations

Deploy infrastructure that’s more efficient, preserves water resources and eliminates waste.

IBM offerings:

  • Energy transition
  • Operation modernization (fleets and infrastructure)
  • Smart facilities
  • Data center transformation

Ask our IBM expert

Ashek Mahmood
Practice Leader, IBM Edge AI and IoT Services


Solar panels

Sustainable supply chain and circularity

Empower a circular economy to design out waste, protect natural resources and operate efficient supply chains.

IBM offerings:

  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Blockchain for transparency
  • Supply chain ecosystem

Ask our IBM expert

Sheri Hinish
IBM Global Partner, Sustainable Supply Chain

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Weather network and services

Apply and integrate weather data with internal and external data sources to develop predictive analytics use cases for business operations, forecasting and optimization.

IBM offerings:

  • Building management and energy efficiency
  • Asset management
  • Weather operations center
  • Weather data integration
  • Weather risk advisor
  • Environmental insights-as-a-service Enterprise platform

Ask our IBM expert

Len Polhemus
Global Practice Leader, Weather and Climate Center of Competency


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IBM Garage™ methodology for sustainability

A collaborative platform designed to deliver business, environmental and social value quickly. It allows you to use people, processes and tools to not only meet, but exceed ESG standards in your operating model.

Watch how IBM Garage helped The Climate Service drive results

Ask our IBM expert

Lucy Baunay
Certified Climate Reality Leader,
Sustainable Business Strategy

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Our commitment to sustainability

At IBM, we believe in the power of technology for social good. We tackle challenges big and small. We empower communities around the world. And we’re committed to building solutions for the most pressing issues. We’re making a difference.

Keep up with the latest sustainability insights.