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There has never been a more vital moment for CEOs to embrace sustainability as a core aspect of the enterprise. It’s clear that environmentally minded organizations are set up for long-term success—and the time to act is now.

IBM named a leader in the HFS Top 10: Sustainability Services, 2022 report

Ready to support your sustainability mandates

We have the privilege of helping our clients connect the ‘how’ to the ‘what’ of sustainability, which is often the daunting challenge. We help organizations accelerate their journey to sustainability using digital technology and sustainability consulting to support more equitable, restorative, regenerative and resilient business models, products and services.

Ask our IBM Sustainability Consultant

Zlata Huddleston

Partner, Practice Lead, IBM Consulting Sustainability Services Canada

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ESG Reporting, Sustainable Finance

Derive insights from ESG data and reporting to inform business decisions across finance & operations.

IBM Capabilities

  • ESG Data Strategy
  • ESG Reporting with Envizi
  • Sustainable Bond Analytics
  • Climate Data Platform

Ask our IBM Sustainability Consultant

Lylia Djait-Paulien

Go-to-Market and Client Success Leader, IBM Sustainability Consulting Canada

Nature, Climate Risk Assessment and Adaptation

Understand the impacts of climate change with key risks and opportunities with the transition to a net zero economy.

IBM Capabilities

  • Climate risk Analytics
  • Weather Data Accelerators and Alerts
  • Extreme Weather & Situational Awareness

Ask our IBM Sustainability Consultant

Laïla Abou El Bal

Managing Consultant, IBM Sustainability Consulting Canada

Decarbonization, Clean Energy Transition

Manage the transition to net zero by driving energy transformations across your value chain.

IBM Capabilities

  • Energy management
  • Electrification
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Low Carbon Mobility

Ask our IBM Sustainability Consultant

Anima Osei

Managing Consultant, IBM Sustainability Consulting Canada

Sustainable Supply Chain, Circularity

Empower a circular economy to design out waste, protect natural resources and operate efficient supply chains.

IBM Capabilities

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Garage and Strategy
  • Product & Supply Chain Design
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Procurement
  • Decarbonizing Operations, Networks + Logistics
  • Green Asset Management

Ask our IBM Sustainability Consultant

Mark Kardos

Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Sustainability Consulting Canada

Responsible Computing, Green IT

Operate your IT infrastructure with green software engineering practices to reduce your IT carbon footprint and improve performance.

IBM Capabilities

  • Responsible Computing Advisory & Maturity Assessment
  • Green Software Engineering
  • Green IT Strategy, Transformation & Operations
  • IT Carbon Footprint Platform
  • Sustainable Hybrid Cloud


Ask our IBM Sustainability Consultant

Lucy Baunay

Managing Consultant, IBM Sustainability Consulting Canada

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