IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud multizone regions consist of self-contained, isolated data centers designed to increase availability and eliminate shared points of failure. While all cloud multizone regions provide the same services, choosing one closest to your customers helps lower latency, and improve performance and customer satisfaction.

IBM Cloud features

High availability

IBM Cloud is designed for high performance and service availability of 99.99%, minimizing interruptions.


IBM Cloud delivers a high level of security with encryption, certified up to FIPS 140-2 Level 4.

Data residency

IBM Cloud enables enterprises to host their data in the Canadian data centers, meeting the strict data residency and sovereignty requirements.

NexJ Systems delivers cloud CRM for wealth management as a service

Toronto-based software firm NexJ

Systems partnered with IBM to provide

intelligent customer management

solutions to some of the largest banks

in the world. The service helps the

financial firms gain insights into their

customers without worrying about the

technology infrastructure.

Man and woman in cloud server room

Intel Corp

Better together: IBM and Intel® partner to deliver cloud computing with Intel Xeon®. Scalable processors.

logo of Intel Corporation

Why IBM Cloud?

Leverage opensource technologies

  • IBM Cloud supports more than 1,000 enterprise clients and more than 20,000 production clusters using Kubernetes.
  • With on-demand deployment of a managed Red Hat® OpenShift® environment and our commitment to the Red Hat ecosystem, it's easy to connect and migrate.


Market-leading protection for data and apps

  • Industry-leading compliance, including FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSM cryptocards, for data encryption that meets even the most stringent requirements. IBM provides clients with complete encryption keys so no one can see your data - not even IBM.
  • Threat monitoring and management across all of your clouds from a centralized security dashboard with IBM Security integration.

A foundation for enterprise workloads

  • With nearly 2,000 clients, IBM Cloud is the right public cloud for VMware. We have the skills and expertise to migrate and modernize your VMware-based workloads.
  • We offer a full spectrum of compute choices—from Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to bare metal servers—to meet your application needs.

Cloud without compromise

The world is going hybrid with IBM.


Location, location, location

Where you store your organization’s data can affect security and privacy levels.

IBM Services for Cloud

Cloud services to help you transform your business

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