IBM Academy debuts new, live sessions Oct 14 – 15

See client use cases, industry analyst round tables, Q&A sessions, and live product demos to build a smarter business and a resilient supply chain

IBM Academies

Maximo Academy

Learn how insights from connected assets can help you understand the preventive, predictive and prescriptive actions needed to maintain equipment, optimize performance and avoid downtime.


Learn how IoT data and AI can give you fresh insights into facilities operations and management to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs and ensure occupant health and safety.

Engineering Academy

Learn how infusing AI and IoT data into the development of complex products, and integrating product data into development, helps you deploy new features and functions at enterprise scale.

Weather Solutions Academy

Learn how to take advantage of weather data and analytics across your enterprise operations, including how to better predict weather-related impacts, reduce utility costs, protect employees and minimize disruptions.

On-demand webinars

Introducing IBM Maximo Asset Monitor

Learn how the new IBM® Maximo® Asset Monitor enables AI-powered remote monitoring at enterprise scale to optimize assets and operating performance.

Let your data tell a story with IBM TRIRIGA Reporting

Take control of your reporting with next-level data visualization and user-defined reports and graphs to make better real-time business decisions.

Transforming your field workforce

See how innovations from IBM Maximo in IoT, mobility, augmented reality and blockchain are helping create transparent and unified field teams.

Innovating Maximo Enterprise Asset Management for tomorrow

Get an update on IBM investments in the Maximo EAM portfolio, and how you can benefit from new and upcoming offerings that deliver innovative technology.

The future of asset management in energy and utility

Learn how innovations in enterprise asset management will drive change in these industries in the years to come.

Consider the safety of your most critical assets

Hear how combining Maximo HSE with IoT Worker Insights can help address root causes and unsafe conditions before they impact your business.

Maintenance and safety in the oil and gas industry

Learn how a fully integrated asset management system can improve efficiency, stimulate a safety culture and boost reliability.

Taking quality control to the next level

Interested in engineering lifecycle management tools that can help you meet current challenges? Tune in to learn the benefits of migrating to IBM quality management solutions.

Show me the way to ASPICE compliance

Learn more about the concept of the ASPICE standard, why it’s important and how IBM products can help you want to become a supplier to an OEM automobile manufacturer.

Magic and myth: Decoding the engineering lifecycle

Harness the power of end-to-end lifecycle management with IBM solutions for complex product and software development.

Jumpstart your digital transformation

Learn how Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) can help you create a virtual prototype of a system under development and identify requirement issues.

Deliver an engaging occupant experience

Engaged employees are 21 percent more productive. If you think your workplace could do more for your business, explore the trends, technologies and partnerships.

Your walls can talk

Discover how sensors, IoT and AI work together to help you better understand and manage your building space, energy and the occupant experience.