Don’t make vegetation management decisions in the dark

Are you optimizing your energy and utility assets?

Get a 360-degree view of interconnected assets with the IBM Maximo APM for Energy and Utilities solution. Apply IoT, AI and comprehensive analytics for an advanced view of asset health, predictive maintenance and repair management to make more informed decisions.


The future of energy and utilities

See the three new trends emerging in energy and utilities and the actions you can take to enhance your asset strategy and become a disruptor in your industry

Enhance the effectiveness of your energy and utility assets

Improve asset maintenance and utilization through comprehensive performance analysis for your entire asset network


Product behind this solution

IBM Maximo APM for Energy and Utilities

Improve asset maintenance and utilization for energy and utility companies by using an APM platform with AI

Client success

DTE Energy aims to outage-proof its business

In the electricity business, everyone expects you to keep the lights on. But how do you use data from outages — even minor flickers — and weather patterns to predict and prevent future outages?

DTE Energy pulls data from IoT sensors and external sources to see patterns that help it maintain electrical reliability.