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IBM offers one of the leading application lifecycle management solutions — IBM ELM — to manage the mechanical, electrical and software development of today’s complex automobiles

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Automotive engineering challenges

The automotive industry is facing dual challenges. The first is electrification — replacing the internal combustion engine with electric motors and batteries. The second challenge involves the simultaneous evolution of autonomous vehicles. Combined, these challenges represent the most significant pivot in the 100+ year history of the automobile industry.

Engineering teams need to be able to manage the simultaneous development of mechanical, electrical and software systems to successfully deliver competitive, high-quality vehicles on time.

Automotive companies are focused on key goals that are even more difficult to achieve due to this increased complexity. Improve vehicle quality Explicitly support process and safety standards, including the ASPICE framework. Improve on-time delivery Support agile development in systems, software and electrical engineering (EE). Increase reuse Enable reuse for EE and software through a single architectural platform across all vehicles.
Case Studies
Automotive product development case studies Optimizing the product development process Working together with IBM, Daimler is pushing the uplift from text-based requirements engineering to model-based systems engineering. Watch the Mercedes-Benz video (03:08) Accelerating the product innovation process India-based automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra found a way to jump-start product innovation through streamlined, traceable systems and software engineering. Read Mahindra & Mahindra case study

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