Environment, health and safety (EHS) solutions

Discover how data and AI can help you protect your people, your organization and the planet

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Create a healthier, more sustainable organization with IoT, analytics and AI

Delivering a safer, earth-friendly workplace is a huge responsibility. Today, organizations must create environments that facilitate healthy human interactions and promote sustainable operations while monitoring and reducing impacts to the planet.

IBM solutions for EHS safety are built to securely manage volumes of data about your assets, operations, people and materials. By combining sensor technologies with advanced analytics and edge-enabled applications and services, IBM offers near real-time insights on processes, worksites and employees. Use these to reduce risks, assess environment impacts and leverage weather-related trends and incidents.


Pinpoint safety issues and reduce accidents

Use predictive information to address worker health and gain insights into reducing safety risks and costs.

Improve EHS risk management

Reduce risks to employees and extend asset life by using analytics and AI to remotely monitor and evaluate operations.

Meet regulatory and compliance standards

Quickly implement safety policies and practices for remediation and permitting, such as lock outs, tag outs and incident reporting.

Case studies

Driving clean energy transformation By unlocking the value of data, Bruce Power optimized its nuclear power operations to improve reliability, efficiency, and safety. See why Bruce Power calls Maximo the beating heart of its operations

From manual to predictive asset management The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) turned to IBM and AI to better predict asset health for tunnel ventilation, upping safety and efficiencies, too. See how predictive maintenance improved the reliability of MARTA’s life-safety systems

Transforming roadway maintenance Autostrade per l’Italia embraces IoT and AI technology to monitor and maintain 4,000 bridges and viaducts along its 3,000 km of highways. See how a complete digital transformation continuously improves maintenance

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