Build a smarter business

A smarter business ensures the reliability of critical assets, operations that adapt to changing circumstances, and a resilient supply chain to enable business continuity. Intelligent workflows, operations and systems — when powered by AI, IoT and reliable weather data — help you see and manage asset performance in real time, reduce supply chain disruption and mitigate risk, and build more flexible business operations.

Hear from industry experts and IBM clients, including Sund & Bælt, Forrester, Ford Motor Company, Sally Beauty, and Equifax. 

Join our sessions, schedule a demo, and interact with subject matter experts who will help you better understand how AI can empower your people with actionable insights to respond faster to an ever-changing world.

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Maximo solutions

Essential insights for intelligent asset maintenance and operations

Learn how insights from connected assets can help you understand the preventive, predictive and prescriptive actions needed to maintain equipment, optimize performance and avoid downtime.

Empowering the technician with intelligent mobile EAM to manage any asset, anytime, anyplace

Field technician productivity is essential to operational resiliency. When repairs to critical assets are not effectively executed, it drives up labor and maintenance costs. To sustain uptime and reliability, technicians require near real-time access to asset history and operational data—even in the most remote locations, online or offline—to provide them access to all the information they need to resolve issues.

In this session, IDC will share the most recent findings on how mobility has evolved and industry trends in terms of implementation. We will also introduce IBM Maximo Mobile, a new revolutionary, easy-to-deploy mobile platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data at the right time—all in the palm of their hand.

Join us to learn how this intelligent mobile EAM solution can ultimately help your business improve field management, increase productivity, and first-time fix rates.


  • Joseph Berti, VP Offering Management, IBM AI Applications
  • Kevin Prouty, Group Vice President, IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights

Cracking the Code: SunCoke Energy Best Practices for IBM Maximo Scheduler Compliance Reporting

Many maintenance teams are looking for the Rosetta Stone that cracks the code of planning and scheduling — how to improve complicated reporting processes, lack of standardization in scheduling, and visibility into performance. Watch this session to understand functionality and best practices in Scheduler Compliance reporting.


  • Kimberly Welch, Principal Consultant, Aquitas Solutions
  • Joe Fluder, Director, Reliability & Maintenance, SunCoke Energy

Montana-Dakota Utilities: Multi-Brand Unification Through Work Management Application Development

Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU) has embarked on two considerable concurrent projects: (1) implement a multi-phased work management application, and (2) unify 4 brands — 3 natural gas and 1 electric business — across 8 states. This session will touch on how MDU’s dedication to process improvement is driving their operations and applications teams to leverage their Maximo Work Management Project as an agent of change for brand unification under the “One Utility” Project.


  • Lance Elroy, Director of Process Improvement and Operations Systems, MDU
  • Candi Robinson, President of US Operations, Ontracks
  • Bill Holt, Senior Consultant, Ontracks

Maximo Zero Downtime Upgrade Success Story from American Axle & Manufacturing

American Axle & Manufacturing, Inc. (AAM) is a global manufacturing company with over 80 plants worldwide, 30 of which use Maximo for maintenance management. After a variety of acquisitions and reorganizations, AAM ended up with two versions of Maximo — a 7.1 instance running on Oracle that supported multiple languages, and a 7.6 instance running on SQL Server that supported only English. In this session, learn how AAM teamed with Cohesive Solutions to employ a unique technology solution that allowed them to simultaneously upgrade, consolidate and configure Maximo with zero system downtime.


  • Bill Quinlan, Manager, IT Plant Floor Systems, AAM
  • Russ Anderton, VP of Development, Cohesive Solutions
  • Bill Wallace, Consultant, SRO Solutions

Use AI and IoT to Optimize Operations at Scale

Across industrial backdrops, operations and maintenance teams struggle to gain visibility across operations. Industrial leaders are looking to AI and the IoT to help them increase production uptime, but deciding where to invest can be a challenge. Even with vast amounts of data, they still struggle to understand the numerous feeds and alerts to effectively predict and prevent issues.

In this session, learn how manufacturers are implementing processes and technology design changes to create insights that drive better decisions. Find out how the new Maximo Application Suite with IBM Maximo Asset Monitor enables AI-powered remote monitoring at enterprise scale to optimize performance with fewer, more actionable alerts, and see how greater insight into root cause helps you monitor smarter.


  • Rob Mora, Business Development, Novate
  • AJ Naddell, Program Director of Offering Management, Maximo APM, IBM

Return to work with IBM Maximo Worker Insights

In the current climate, many businesses have pivoted to a remote workforce, but this option is not equally accessible across industries. Businesses in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and government are less likely to be able to maintain full operations remotely. Additionally, operations-intensive areas such as manufacturing shop floors, warehouses, distribution centers, and commercial office spaces can often be congested.

During this session, you’ll learn how IBM Maximo Worker Insights enables workplace safety by using inputs from optical and thermal imaging cameras, Bluetooth beacons and mobile phones to provide analytical insights about the status of the work environment, including temperature monitoring, crowd density management, health monitoring, occupancy monitoring, no-go zone monitoring and alerting, and social distancing scoring.


  • Brian Massey, Offering Management, IBM AI Applications
  • Scott Wallace, Solution Architect, IBM AI Applications

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  • Opening the aperture: AI computer vision modeling
  • Using AI and IoT to optimize operations at scale
  • Optimizing civil infrastructure with Maximo
  • Accelerate your journey to predict
  • Unify disparate asset management teams
  • And more

TRIRIGA solutions

Insightful solutions for intelligent real estate and facilities management 

Learn how IoT data and AI can give you fresh insights into facilities operations and management to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs and ensure occupant health and safety.

Re-imagining the workplace to drive safety, productivity and operational excellence

Now that the way we work has changed, how you manage your spaces is more important than ever. It is at the core of your real estate and facilities management strategy. Not only does it play a vital role in the ability to return to work, but it also supports the employee experience, cost savings of up to 30% and long-term operational efficiency.

As employees seek to balance remote work with being in the workplace, the prevalence of the flexible workplace will become the new normal. With this will come an intense focus on employee experiences, productivity and right-sizing your spaces to drive cost savings.

Join us for this 2-part Academy Spotlight as we dive into the latest trends around the return to the workplace, technologies enabling a safe, productive and efficient return, and how you can balance short-term needs with the long-term operational goals of your organization.


  • Juliana Beauvais, Research Manager, Enterprise Applications, IDC
  • Beau Ryck, Business Development Manager, ArcGIS Indoors, Esri
  • Nathan Eagles, Senior Product Manager, Cisco DNA Spaces
  • Gabe Garlets, IT Director, University of Minnesota
  • Sanjiv Singh, Executive Vice President, eCIFM
  • Alex Melamed, Senior Offering Manager, IBM
  • Patty Congdon, Global TRIRIGA Offering Manager, IBM

Keynote: Return to the workplace safely and confidently

Explore the ever-evolving nature of facilities management in 2020 and how organizations can return to the workplace with a focus on safety, health and productivity. Hear from our expert panelists on:

  • Best practices we are seeing as organizations bring employees back to the workplace
  • Why the whole health of an employee is going to become increasingly more critical to how buildings and spaces are managed
  • How office space setup and services may evolve in the long term
  • Building disaster preparedness into your long-term business continuity effort


  • Laurie Gilmer, Vice Chair, IFMA
  • Moe Sakaan, Senior Facilities Manager, Regeneron 
  • Kendra DeKeyrel, Director of Offering Management, IBM TRIRIGA
  • Marianne Flores, Director of Operations, IBM Global Real Estate

Enhancing Operations and Capital Planning at the City of Dallas

See how the City of Dallas combined five established applications into one TRIRIGA system that is integrated with their GIS and financial software. Learn how the city manages facilities and assets, and collects inspection and condition data to evaluate future needs. The TRIRIGA integration with GIS allows citizens to log in to a city-managed web portal to view details on the status of the capital projects being undertaken in their neighborhood.


  • Tina Carr, Sr. Manager, Information Technology, City of Dallas
  • Sanjiv Paul Singh, Executive Vice President, eCIFM Solutions Inc.

Ford Motor Company: Using Lessons Learned as a Framework for a Successful Future

Ford Motor Company, working with TRIRIGA Business Partner EBUSINESS STRATEGIES, deployed the TRIRIGA Lease Administration and Lease Accounting functionality to manage their global portfolio of assets and real estate leases. In this session, Julie Losee from Ford Motor Company and Beth Bell from EBUSINESS STRATEGIES present lessons learned and best practices around this critical and highly successful implementation.


  • Julie Losee, Manager, Equipment Lease Accounting, Ford Motor Company
  • Beth Bell, Senior Project Manager, EBUSINESS STRATEGIES

How Regeneron utilized TRIRIGA to build return-to-work perceptive applications

Tjene and Regeneron will demonstrate how they built and deployed multiple COVID perceptive applications in record time to aid in the return to the workplace for essential workers. The session includes a demo of using the Perceptive Application for COVID test scheduling, secondary location administration and for processing return to site requests.


  • Moe Sakaan, Senior Facilities System Manager, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
  • Gabriel Chan, Manager, Tjene Consulting Corp.
  • Calvin Yoa, Managing Partner, Tjene Consulting Corp.

State of Oregon: IBM Cloud Migration, Application Upgrade, TRIRIGA System Performance Optimization

EDI, under contract with Lab Services, migrated the State of Oregon from a hosted environment to the IBM TRIRIGA SaaS model. This included the conversion of their SQL database to DB2. In addition, the TRIRIGA application was upgraded from 10.2 to 10.6.1, and system performance optimization was accomplished through the elimination of unnecessary configurations by leveraging default functionality. In this session, hear lessons learned from the project.


  • Bob Moffett, TRIRIGA System Administrator, State of Oregon
  • Todd Allen, EDI TRIRIGA Services Manager, EDI
  • Pradeep Kalampukattussery, Director Business Development Lab Services, IBM

What’s New with TRIRIGA?

Whether you're focused on how to safely return employees to the workplace or looking to improve operational efficiency, TRIRIGA has been busy adding new capabilities to help you reduce costs, manage risk, and protect employee health and productivity.

Join us to learn about:

  • New Dynamic Space Planning: Create and modify space plans for social distancing
  • New Capital Projects Hub: New add-on to reduce costs and generate higher returns on capital projects
  • New TRIRIGA Assistant: An AI-based assistant that allow employees to make room reservations, report issues or look up people using natural language
  • Enhanced Building Insights: New dashboards, metrics and data filtering to help you better understand occupancy and utilization


  • Paul Lacey, Senior Offering Manager, IBM TRIRIGA
  • Traves Peterson, Senior Client Technical Professional, IBM AI Applications

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  • Paving the way for intelligent real estate facilities
  • Managing through disruption
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Engineering solutions

Insightful engineering at enterprise scale

Learn how infusing AI and IoT data into the development of complex products, and integrating product data into development, helps you deploy new features and functions at enterprise scale.

Keynote: Navigate the “new normal” through integrated development processes

Navigate the “new normal” by using an integrated, end-to-end development lifecycle model that provides a complete portfolio for requirements, modeling, test, and workflow management with the new IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management V7 solution.


  • Willian Streit, Director, Offering Management, IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management
  • Amy Silberbauer, Executive IT Specialist, Solution Architect, Enterprise Scaled Agile (SAFe) & DevOps, IBM

Connecting Jira to IBM DOORS Next & Test Management

Learn how to connect Jira artifacts with engineering assets in your IBM enterprise. By enabling Jira users to link and access IBM DOORS Next and Test Management, they become more efficient, can design with quality, and provide evidence to support standards and audits. By connecting IBM ELM users to Jira, you expand the impact of the organization and enable enterprise engineering. Whether it’s ASPICE compliance with DOORS Classic and Jira or aligning your SAFe teams in RTC with Jira software teams, OSLC Connect for Jira is the solution for your enterprise.


  • Wade Towles, Sr. Solutions Consultant, 321 Gang

Accelerating product development to meet the UK’s COVID-19 Ventilator Challenge

Learn how, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cambridge Consultants, with critical help from IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management solutions, was able to quickly deliver an innovative ventilator solution while managing regulatory compliance and transparency, an evolving set of requirements, and a suddenly dispersed, locked-down project team.


  • Duncan Bishop, Programme Director,  Medical, Cambridge Consultants
  • Alex Joseph, Group Leader, Integrated Mechanical Systems, Cambridge Consultants
  • Mary Karavengleman, Group Leader, Biology and Biomedical Engineering, Cambridge Consultants

Managing Requirements from RFP Response to Product Development

Still managing requirements with Excel and Word? In this 30-minute training session, you’ll see Word and Excel requirements transformed into an intelligent network of linked assets in DOORS Next for improved RFP response, requirement decomposition, tracing, reporting, and project management.


  • Jim Herron, Co-founder and CTO, Island Training Solutions

Bombardier Transportation: Our journey using ELM: Successes, pitfalls and challenges

Since 2016, Bombardier Transportation embarked on a journey to use ELM for a PLE based approach to the development of their core train control management software. This presentation will highlight successes, pitfalls and challenges experienced during this journey.


  • Rudi Bunkens, Bombardier Transportation

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  • Apply lessons from the Apollo space mission to systems engineering
  • Use AI techniques for better requirements management
  • Address new challenges from software audits
  • Plan global configuration management
  • And more

Weather solutions

Make better decisions with weather insights

Learn how to take advantage of weather data and analytics across your enterprise operations, including how to better predict weather-related impacts, reduce utility costs, protect employees and minimize disruptions.

Keynote: When lightning strikes, be prepared to keep your business running

In this session, learn about the Environmental Intelligence Suite, a suite of applications that enables asset managers to plan for and respond to disruptive events like weather to ensure business continuity:

  • Predict weather-related disruption
  • Respond quickly to rapidly changing conditions
  • Reimagine workflows to ensure business continuity
  • Remain resilient — rain or shine


  • John Bosse, Offering Manager, IBM Weather Business Solutions

Nieuport Aviation improves customer experience with IBM Ops Dashboard

Weather can significantly affect airport operations. Low clouds, fog, rain and snow can impede visibility at or around an airport while thunderstorms and lightning can cause serious disruption to flight schedules. Nieuport Aviation owns and operates the passenger terminal at the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, which serves 2.8 million passengers annually.

In this session, hear how Nieuport Aviation is using IBM Operations Dashboard for Airports to continuously monitor weather conditions and stay informed of potential impacts. By using this weather-based solution, they’re able to prevent injuries and property damage, reduce the number and cost of cancellations and delays, and minimize ground congestion.


  • Patrick Devost, Nieuport Aviation Terminal Operations Coordinator
  • Beth Krajewski, IBM Aviation Offering Leader
  • Dan Bednar, IBM Senior Aviation Meteorologist and Sales Engineer

Use Geospatial Analytics to reduce risk in critical business operations and supply chain management

In this session, hear how the use of data and analytics can help organizations more quickly display, analyze and identify vulnerabilities in their operations. IBM PAIRS is a unique cloud-based data store and data analytics service that makes it easier to rapidly explore and analyze massive complex geospatial-temporal data sets such as maps, satellite imagery, weather, drone images and IoT data.


  • Dr. Hendrik Hamann, Chief Scientist for Geoinformatic Solutions and PAIRS and Distinguished Research Staff Member, IBM 
  • Rod Reicks, Program Manager, Offering Management, IBM Weather Business Solutions

Improve resiliency by incorporating AI into Vegetation Management Programs

Discover a new data-driven approach to understanding the state of vegetation. The solution cost-effectively scales across the entire service territory of a utility, helping you to prevent dangerous vegetation encroachment on power lines while supporting your decision making from planning and contracting through work inspections and auditing.


  • Robbie Berglund, Business Unit Executive for Energy and Utilities, IBM Weather Business Solutions

Improve external data sourcing and scale to meet AI demands with weather data

Over 75% of decision makers want to find new external data sources: weather, news, social media data, demographic data, census data, and other socioeconomic indicators. In fact, 56% of decision makers tell us they’ve launched initiatives to improve their use of external data and another 20% are planning to do so in the next 12 months. However, many teams can’t keep up with increasing requests for external data.

In this session, learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Data now includes access to external data access built into the platform. Forrester and IBM will share:

  • The latest trends around the sourcing and use of external data
  • How entitlement and access to external data, including weather data from The Weather Company, is built into IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform
  • Examples of using this external weather data to make organizations more weather resilient


  • Bobby Cameron, Vice President, Principle Analyst Serving CIO Professionals, Forrester 
  • John Bosse, Offering Manager, Weather Business Solutions, IBM 
  • Shikha Garg, Offering Manager, Cloud Pak for Data, IBM

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  • Get the Winter 2020 seasonal forecast
  • Centralize weather monitoring and alerts
  • Reduce costs and mitigate risks with weather insights
  • And more

Supply chain solutions

Build smarter supply chains

Learn how leading AI solutions help you drive supply chain resiliency, agility and predictability. Enable intelligent, end-to-end visibility and transparency. Minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration. And deliver on more customer promises.


Keynote: Build smarter supply chains

A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain. Built to be resilient, smarter supply chains adapt when facing disruptions. They can scale to meet new demand as customer needs change. They are more reliable and designed to build trust between you and your customers. Learn how leading AI solutions can help you:

  • Drive resiliency, agility and predictability
  • Enable intelligent, end-to-end visibility and transparency
  • Minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration
  • Deliver on more customer promises

In this session, explore how leaders across industries are partnering with IBM to build smarter supply chains that are driving new value for their customers — and their business.


  • Jeanette Barlow, VP Strategy and Offering Management, IBM Sterling

Modernize your fulfillment operations: Forrester, Sally Beauty share industry insights

What does your next wave of innovation look like? 

In part 1 of this 2-part series, guest speaker, Brendan Witcher, Vice President / Principal Analyst of Digital Business Strategy at Forrester, shares current research on how retailers are finding success in this post-pandemic marketplace. Brendan ends his presentation with tips every retailer can use.

Also, don't miss part 2 of this 2-part series, where Brendan is joined by Vanathy Lakshmi from Sally Beauty and Pawan Gupta of Perficient for a candid discussion on marketplace fulfillment.


  • Vanathy Lakshmi, Vice President, Digital Product, Sally Beauty
  • Brendan Witcher, Vice President / Principal Analyst of Digital Business Strategy, Forrester
  • Pawan Gupta, Principal, Commerce & Omnichannel Services, Perficient

Modernize your fulfillment operations: Forrester, Sally Beauty share industry insights

In part 2 of this 2-part series, gain tremendous omnichannel insights as Vanathy Lakshmi, VP, Digital Product, from Sally Beauty, Pawan Gupta, Principal, Commerce & Omnichannel Services from Perficient and Brendan Witcher, Vice President / Principal Analyst of Digital Business Strategy at Forrester, have a lively discussion on topics such as inventory management, curbside pick-up and realigning your processes with your employees to achieve customer experience excellence.


  • Vanathy Lakshmi, Vice President, Digital Product, Sally Beauty
  • Brendan Witcher, Vice President / Principal Analyst of Digital Business Strategy, Forrester
  • Pawan Gupta, Principal, Commerce & Omnichannel Services, Perficient

Build resilience through smarter supply chains

A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain. Built to be resilient, smarter supply chains adapt when facing disruptions. They can scale to meet new demand as customer needs change. They are more reliable and designed to build trust between you and your customers. Whether it’s new innovations, new opportunities or an evolving ecosystem, IBM’s approach to supply chain management can help you respond today and prepare for the future, delivering better business outcomes. Strengthen resiliency, optimize operations, and reduce inefficient, error-prone processes with intelligent workflows that integrate securely with your existing systems.


  • Hiroshi Koike, CEO & President, Yamaha Motors Philippines 
  • Angie Lau, Editor-in-Chief, CEO and Founder of Forkast.News, Forkast.News
  • Jonathan Wright, Global Lead Cognitive Process Re-Engineering, IBM

Supply chain visibility: How Lenovo is building smarter control towers

Control tower solutions are rapidly evolving as companies seek greater visibility and control over their complex, siloed supply chains, and deeper connections to their extended business networks. What are the must-have characteristics of supply chain orchestration and control tower solutions? How are your competitors using these solutions to improve connections with partners and optimize exception management? What challenges and opportunities are ahead? Find out how Lenovo is answering these questions and get best practice insights that IBM has learned from partnerships with other leaders across industries.


  • Tejuan Manners, Director, Global Supply Chain E2E Execution, Lenovo
  • Kim Reheiser, Program Director, Sterling Supplier Management and Control Tower Solutions, IBM

The journey to a frictionless and resilient supply chain

Today's supply chains are complex, and organizations operate in volatile environments. As customer needs change and the trading partner ecosystem grows, it is paramount that supply chain professionals focus on reducing business friction in their supply chains. There is also a need to drive resiliency, agility and predictability in supply chains through business process improvement solutions. In this panel discussion, learn how supply chains of forward-looking organizations are adapting to the disruptive pandemic and how technology helps with increasing visibility and building resiliency into your supply chain.


  • Angie Lau, Editor-in-Chief, CEO and Founder of Forkast.News, Forkast.News
  • Grant Edhouse, COO - Australasia, TTI 
  • Vipin Jain, General Manager, Maruti Suzuki India Limited 
  • Pradeep Singh, APAC Supply Chain Consulting Squad Lead, IBM 
  • Levine Naidoo, IBM Executive, Supply Chain

Supply Chain Fireside Chat: Turning disruption into transformation

In this fireside chat, learn how, despite the widespread supply chain challenges that organizations are facing around the world, leading companies are accelerating their transformation to achieve supply chain resiliency, agility and predictability.


  • Jeanette Barlow, VP Strategy and Offering Management, IBM Sterling Supply Chain
  • Nigel Gopie, Director, IBM AI Applications & Blockchain Marketing
  • Marshall Lamb, Distinguished Engineer and CTO, IBM Sterling  

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  • Simplify IT architecture
  • Deliver on customer needs through smarter fulfillment
  • Minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding
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B2B collaboration solutions

Build smarter value chains

Learn how to enable smart, frictionless and highly secure business-to-business connectivity to help you break down siloes, enable the flow of information across your business, quickly onboard new partners, and fuel collaboration between your lines of business, suppliers and customers.


Keynote: Speed B2B Collaboration and Transformation with Hybrid Cloud

In the next 24 months, 84% of organizations will modernize their B2B connectivity, an essential step in the journey to accelerate digital transformation. In the Sterling B2B Collaboration keynote, learn how to enable smart, frictionless and highly secure business-to-business connectivity by using hybrid cloud and AI to drive innovation and extend the value of proven B2B collaboration solutions.


  • Jeanette Barlow, VP Strategy and Offering Management, IBM Sterling
  • John Colbert, Program Director, Offering Management, IBM Sterling

Generate higher business value using Container technology for EDI and File Transfer

Organizations today are exploring hybrid cloud technology to increase flexibility and efficiency as they support changes resulting from industry disruptions. As more organizations embrace a hybrid cloud strategy, a growing number are seeing the benefits of using container technology to quickly migrate essential EDI and file transfer solutions. In this session, learn how containers drive business value far beyond the IT department to other stakeholders across the organization. You’ll also hear top use cases for using containers for EDI and file transfer solutions.


  • Richard Douglass, Value Assessment Leader, IBM Sterling
  • Vijay Chougule, Senior Offering, IBM Sterling

How Equifax Modernized its Managed File Transfer Platform to Achieve Digital Transformation

This session highlights Equifax’s MFT journey of consolidation and modernization to Sterling File Transfer Suite using IBM’s industry leading solution and CoEnterprise’s strong expertise in migration and deployment services.


  • David Meaden, Vice President, Corporate Services Alliance, Equifax Inc.
  • Vipin Mittal, Director of Solutions Engineering, CoEnterprise 

CommScope: Strategizing Integration

What happens when your company views your B2B integration as a competitive advantage and not just an IT cost? CommScope is doing just that — turning their integration capabilities into a competitive advantage. In this session, CommScope will share insight on how they evolved their B2B capabilities into an enterprise application integration (EAI) environment, the strategy behind their thinking, and the benefits they gained. They will also share how, by thinking outside the box, they took their B2B capabilities to another level.


  • Danny Danford, Director of B2B and EDI, CommScope Technologies
  • Scott Hulme, VP of Services and Software, REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group

Transitions in Healthcare: Managing change in a deluge of data

Healthcare as an industry has evolved significantly over the years, continuing to lead the way in innovation when it comes to keeping up with rapid change and disruption. Now, a key challenge is managing transitions as organizational data continues to grow. Within the next three years, the interoperability upgrade standards proposed by the federal government in the US will directly impact your organization, members, provider networks and trading partners. Are you equipped to deal with the following changes?

  • CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule 
  • Promoting Interoperability and QPP measures for eligible Medicare providers 
  • 21st Century Cures Act 
  • Impending 7030 Adoption 
  • Impacts to care delivery and admin work flows due to COVID-19 

In this session, learn how you can deal with these data led transitions in healthcare with the help of IBM Sterling solutions.


  • Stephanie Fetzer, Product Manager, HCL
  • Kimberly Harding, Associate Partner, IBM Global Business Services
  • Luke Raiano, Senior Offering Manager, IBM 

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  • Manage your Connect:Direct infrastructure
  • Build resilient EDI integration for future growth
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Featured sessions

Welcome to the academy

Kareem Yusuf, General Manager of AI Applications, IBM Cognitive Applications, discusses our mission to help you virtually acquire the knowledge and best practices you need to work faster, better and smarter when it comes to business operations and supply chain management.

Nerves of Steel

Hero Captain Tammie Jo Shults, who displayed amazing calm in the face of catastrophe while saving the lives of 148 people during the Southwest Flight 13890 emergency landing, offers lessons in leadership, overcoming obstacles, service through sacrifice, and the value of human life.

Failure is not an option

Retired NASA Flight Control Director and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Gene Kranz, who is best known for bringing the Apollo 13 crew safely back to Earth when the spacecraft’s oxygen system failed, speaks about the inspiration and steely resolve it takes to face down adversity.