Business intelligence from IBM powers decisions with smarter self-service analytics

Business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics have entered a new era in extracting insights from data. This next generation of BI capabilities, using intent driven guidance, starts the shift toward cognitive computing that will change how you work with data. Gain a deep understanding of your business and improve productivity in creating reports, dashboards and data visualizations.

Watson Analytics

An intelligent analytics system that offers predictive and visualization capabilities to help make sense of your data in minutes.

Cognos Analytics

Self-service analytics tools built on an enterprise-capable foundation. Amplify insight and expand analytics to virtually anyone.

SPSS Modeler

Predictive analytics to guide decisions by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise.

Smarter and more efficient self-service

Guide business users to answers without burdening IT

Managed reports and dashboards

Align people, track performance and correct course

Forward-looking business intelligence

Know the past, understand the present and shape the future

Business intelligence for big data

Turn big data patterns into big opportunities

Cognitive-enhanced guides can help nearly anyone extract insight from their own data without requiring technical support.

IBM self-service BI solutions offer a single user experience to help you understand your data. Quickly see what your data is telling you with automated data visualizations. Personalize content, edit or shape it to you needs, and create dashboards and reports on the fly, all within one seamless and intuitive user experience. If you’re not sure where to start or what to do, IBM BI solutions guide you through the processes of understanding, navigating, interacting and creating content.

Ultimately a cognitive business is a business that thinks, but not just with humans; with computers and with data (creating) a true partnership between man and machine.

—Elliot Turner, Director of Alchemy Solutions, IBM Watson

Powering smarter decision-making with ultra-fast, highly flexible analytics

A large, distributed electric utility brought together data from different people, programs, systems and states, and used a single analytics solution to generate organization-wide insights quickly and reliably.

Sales and pricing insight helps illuminate customer buying behavior

Benco Dental’s marketing analysis team turned to IBM Watson Analytics to find out whether the industry’s received wisdom around pricing strategies was really paying off.

Insurer makes operational and strategic decisions based on hard facts

ALTE LEIPZIGER Versicherung AG wanted to utilize data to drive more effective sales and business management. With an IBM Cognos solution, they gained deep insight into the profitability of different insurance products and lines of business.

Predicting health outcomes to deliver better patient care

Pinnacle Health used an IBM analytics solution to predict readmission rates for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. By anticipating future health outcomes, Pinnacle can design better, and lower-cost, treatment plans.

Forward-looking business intelligence provides a full view of your business

Business intelligence with predictive analytics provides the full picture that users need from a BI solution. By processing all kinds of historical data, IBM predictive BI solutions can help predict the likelihood of future outcomes.

Using enhanced cognitive analytics to gain a competitive edge

Mueller uses enhanced cognitive analytics to help line-of-business leaders analyze new data sets for unexpected trends and patterns. This gives unprecedented insight and helps answer questions they didn’t even know to ask.