Key features

All-flash Array High Availability Guarantee

This high-availability guarantee is designed to eliminate IBM Storage system downtime worries. When you deploy a high-availability configuration utilizing IBM HyperSwap® with IBM System Lab Services, IBM offers zero interruption to data availability protection during the guarantee period.

Flash-optimized data reduction and efficiency

IBM FlashSystem A9000 uses pattern removal, inline global deduplication, inline compression, thin provisioning and space-efficient snapshots to ensure complete data reduction. IBM Variable Stripe RAID™ technology maintains performance and enhances reliability, without sacrificing usable capacity. You achieve superior storage economics, reduced acquisition costs and more granular data protection – without increased costs.

IBM FlashCore technology

IBM FlashCore® provides consistent high performance, microsecond latency, enterprise-grade reliability, and many operational and cost efficiencies. This innovative technology integrates a powerful, highly parallel architecture with industry-leading software-defined storage capabilities.

Asynchronous Mirroring

Spectrum Accelerate™ family offers asynchronous mirroring across offering generations, including FlashSystem A9000, FlashSystem A9000R and XIV®, to reduce your data protection TCO and leverage your existing Spectrum Accelerate family investment.

Simplified, yet full-featured cloud deployments

IBM FlashSystem A9000 is ideal for cloud deployments with QoS and multi-tenancy features. It addresses common cloud services management challenges such as “noisy neighbors” and highly variable workloads. It also simplifies provisioning new customers and applications.

Data-at-rest encryption

Secure your data with industry-strength encryption using standard AES 256-bit keys, without any performance impact. IBM FlashSystem A9000 allows you to non-disruptively hot-encrypt a system in minutes. You have a choice of external key management with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager or local key management.

IBM Storage Utility Offering

Get the ultimate in flexibility with a new way to procure data capacity with instant-on access. This offering is unique because it allows you to predict monthly data capacity costs and pay only for the capacity you need, whether your data grows or shrinks. Drive new Capex costs over to the Opex line and save on the way. No need to over purchase or lease large amounts of capacity for "just in case" needs. Simply use the data that your business needs and this offering will take care of the rest.

IBM HyperSwap

IBM FlashSystem A9000 can easily define, monitor and manage highly-available volumes. It provides non-disruptive data access through partial and complete system failures, site-disasters and various connectivity failures – in the same data center and between metro-distant data centers. You can deploy with VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.1+ to provide zero downtime disaster avoidance and planned maintenance downtime avoidance for ESXi stretch clusters.

Highly Scalable

IBM FlashSystem A9000 gives you the ability to grow and manage storage from a single interface with IBM Hyper-Scale technology. FlashSystem A9000 offers an 8U module that merges three compute nodes with one flash storage enclosure to deliver up to 300TB of effective storage capacity. You can quickly and easily add more FlashSystem A9000 modules as your requirements grow.

Capacity and performance-optimized configurations

IBM FlashSystem A9000 is available in different configurations to meet your specific needs, whether you are looking to optimize capacity or performance.

Technical specifications

• Up to 900 TB effective capacity • Up to 900,000 IOPS • 250 µs minimum latency • 10 GB/s maximum bandwidth • For a complete list of technical specifications, see data sheet

More details about IBM FlashSystem A9000

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Customer case study

  • Implement FlashSystem A9000 to accelerate cloud application performance.


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