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The IBM Developer brand system is a comprehensive framework for how we connect developers around the world with our company. Here are some frequently asked questions about the IBM Developer brand.

  • The developerWorks brand was reinvented with the launch of IBM Developer brand. The IBM Developer digital experience is hosted at and shares useful code patterns, tutorials, videos and more for developers.

  • The IBM Developer brand system is a cross-IBM system (spans all business units) and it’s closely aligned with IBM Brand Strategy and Experience Design. Designed for and with developers, visual and verbal expression of the IBM Developer brand is the result of an iterative process of applying the principles and the philosophy behind IBM Design Language to every element of the brand system, resulting in a deliberately stripped-down, “builder brand” by coders for coders.

  • We’re here to help! Find a complete list of support contacts on the IBM Developer Support page.

  • Yes, the IBM Developer merchandise is available to order for developer-centric events where we are having developer-to-developer conversations. For example, wherever we have developers and developer advocates on-site at the booth or meetup. The most recent version of the merchandise catalog can be found at