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Test Virtualization IBM Rational

Learn how IBM DevOps solutions can help you balance quality and speed while lowering costs and reducing risks.

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Virtualize a message-based service

Replace a service with a construct or stub that responds to a system under test the same way as a live service.

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Test early, test often

Explore the methods and approaches that can enable continuous testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle.

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Accelerate software testing for hybrid cloud and on-premises solutions

Discover how IBM Rational products allow you to test software earlier and more frequently in the development lifecycle.

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Service Virtualization for Dummies

Deliver higher quality software by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your testing processes.

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Free Rational Integration Tester Starter Edition with Service Virtualization

Get started quickly creating and running stubs (virtual services).

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Continuous Testing for Dummies eBook

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