Preparing for AI jobs: Why Nanodegrees are the future of education

August 23, 2018 | Research, Trends and Profiles

An increasing number of people are opting for specialized online programs to help them transition to AI careers. Nanodegrees launched by Udacity cover many technology areas such as AI or data science and are taught by active industry thought leaders. more

Building trust in the age of AI – How businesses can build fairness into their machine learning models

July 16, 2018 | AI, AI for the Enterprise, News and Updates...

Every organization that develops or uses AI, or hosts or processes data, must do so in ways that allow them to rationalize the decisions or recommendations in a way that is easily consumable. Let's examine Forrester's recommendations how organizations can leverage AI for the good of humankind, while avoiding the ethical pitfalls associated with perceived discrimination. more

10 reasons why AI-powered, automated customer service is the future

October 16, 2017 | AI for the Enterprise, Conversational Services, Discovery and Exploration...

From improvements in loyalty and brand reputation to new revenue streams, the pathway to real-time self-service in customer service brings huge opportunities to forward-thinking businesses. Top 10 reasons why AI-powered automated customer service is the future. more

Advancing customer service with Watson Engagement Advisor

March 16, 2016 | AI for the Enterprise, Conversational Services, Developers...

We’ve all been there. The Internet goes down. Your bank card stops working. Or maybe your ‘go-to’ login is no longer a ‘go-to’. Whether you’re the one making the call or the company fielding the call, there’s one thing that everyone can agree on: customer service needs to be more efficient—and less frustrating. According to more

Using targeted marketing to improve the shopping experience

February 12, 2016 | Research

Over the past decade and a half, successful web retailers have been able to tailor their marketing toward the individual consumer, providing a level of personalization all shoppers—both offline and on—have come to expect as standard across the industry. Shoppers have come to expect the tailored marketing that algorithms can deliver to them when shopping more