Joe Scherping

Register for a Watson webinar on how chatbots can tackle curveball questions

July 5, 2017 | AI for the Enterprise, Conversational Services, Developers

In this free technical webinar, learn how to build a chatbot using Watson Conversation and extend its function using Watson Discovery Service’s cognitive search to answer questions beyond modeled intents. Find out how to use Watson Conversation with Watson Discovery together to build chatbots that create more engaging user experiences. more

3 ways IBM has evolved Alchemy Data News into Watson Discovery News and made it even better

April 28, 2017 | AI for the Enterprise, Developers

With Watson Discovery News, access millions of articles through our API, each with the broadest amount of enrichments including sentiment, concepts, and relations. Crawl all major news sources and add data from any source, whether public or private. more

Out of the box, Discovery provides a pre-enriched collection of 2 months of internet news content

April 13, 2017 | Discovery and Exploration

Key points: Aggregate content from sources across the web and make sense of unstructured data. Watson can quickly provide answers to inquiries about current news. Create four Watson Discovery News API queries in under 5 minutes. Learn more about Discovery Service It used to be easy – pick up a newspaper with your morning coffee more