IBM OpenPages with Watson wins Red Dot design award

By and Lindsay Wershaw | 2 minute read | August 31, 2021

Person accessing database

We are pleased to announce that IBM OpenPages with Watson has won an Interface & User Experience Design award at the 2021 Red Dot Awards.

Each year, agencies, designers, and companies all over the world gather to celebrate the best in design, with the Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design category recognizing the best brands and creative works of the year. The Interface & User Experience Design award is bestowed to interactive products that demonstrate superior design sensibilities and intuitive user interfaces.

Today’s business environment is one of extreme market volatility and ever-shifting regulatory demands. Global enterprises are responsible for complying with potentially thousands of regulations, and the cost of breaking compliance can reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars, to say nothing of the loss of consumer trust and damage to the brand. Global organizations must be able to spot and respond to threats before they impact the business, and they must manage how data flows throughout the organization to minimize risk and ensure compliance.

IBM OpenPages with Watson is a platform that organizations can use to manage their governance, risk and compliance (GRC) efforts. Built within IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking (EDT) Framework, it’s designed to be intuitive across a range of user types, from risk managers to line-of-business leaders who may not have an extensive background in GRC. With design thinking in mind, OpenPages developers and designers aim to build empathy toward different end users and their experiences with the software. Using this approach, OpenPages opens the GRC function to the entire organization by breaking down risk silos and providing a holistic view of risk and regulatory responsibilities.

OpenPages is equipped with a Watson-enabled chatbot to guide new users with common tasks and questions. A natural language classifier helps to map specific risk categorizations and requirements to controls. An embedded business intelligence reporting engine opens an entire universe of analytics and dashboard capabilities to senior executives. A task-focused user interface streamlines even complex processes and actions for users, eliminating the need for training. Users can add favorites, sibling relationships, heat maps and more, while user guidance quickly and dynamically builds key fields.

OpenPages comes with ten out-of-the-box solutions to help users get started quickly with common GRC use cases, but it’s also highly configurable with out-of-the-box workflows that automate GRC processes and provide contextual guidance for high-level users. These solutions include operational risk, model risk, third-party risk, regulatory compliance, IT governance, business continuity, internal audit, policy, data privacy, and financial controls management. OpenPages supports thousands of users in many languages, with built-in natural language translation capabilities, an on-demand trained Watson Assistant chatbot and inline task recommendations to help move employees along as they work to prevent business risks from around the world.

With acceleration of digital business strategies at the center of everyone’s minds, achieving total visibility of the company’s risk position has never been more critical. As such, OpenPages supports these efforts by providing a fully integrated, flexible enterprise risk platform that helps mitigate business disruption and increase business resilience efforts.

Congratulations to the IBM OpenPages with Watson design team for a well-deserved win: Alex Katz, Brad Neal, Edmund Chow, Jaesik Han, Jillian Quiller, Johanna Koval, Kacie Eberhart, Kaitlyn Ouverson, Peter Sharp and Zach Nilsson.